Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I really should update :)

So I have been taking pictures lately. Have I ever mentioned how much I love taking pictures? I do.
A lot!
So when I was doing this family of 5 little girlies (okay, 3 cause the older two probably don't want to be considered little) there was some very patient parents involved. The younger girls wanted nothing to do with me. However, with a bit of compromise (Tinkerbell and Mommy) we got some great pictures :)
I loved that mom and dad (who have the most gorgeous family. Every one of them is photogenic and it kind of makes me a good way) suggested that we do a shot of them in front of the train :) Miss A is not quite sure what to think but is pretty sure that is NOT where she wants to be at all :)

This is train shot take two. Obviously a different family. I love that big brother T is like 'right on' and not the least bit worried about that train. And this Miss A loves it :)

I know these shots are in totally random order. They weren't supposed to be, but I can't win an argument with blogger.
Or Jeff, but don't tell him I said that.
I loved the sky.
I do have a thing for solar flare :)
Seriously, there were no bad photos.
Makes my job easier. :)
Loved the energy of this family. Too fun!
Boys are sooooo different than girls!
Besides physically, I mean.

I do have more to show from sittings, but I thought I would show my catch.
11 years my friends.
I guess this was our clebration.
He did tell me he would take me somewhere 'one of these years.'
This is no way resembles the Disneyland I remember.
He needs to try again, no?

So he took me to Salmon last week.
He let me catch two fish.
They were little.
He caught one fish.
It was big.
Not sure what that means. He said it wasn't on purpose.
I said, next time, Disneyland.
And the deer we hit coming home...he was fine. Jeff's hubcap however, is toast.
Another update with other sittings and maybe some random whining (my house is still not organized...seriouly, where did we get all of this crap?) and I haven't posted my awesome sewing abilities (i.d. costumes) yet.
And if you were wondering...I enlarged the top one to 11x14 and the middles one to 16x20 from the last post.