Monday, May 3, 2010

It's time

for something new.
We have lived in this house for 6 years.
We love our house.
There are things we would change...such as in (this is totally a Carson phrase, so if you ever hear any of us say it, it's because of him :) ) our basement would be finished...
and the whole thing would be beautifully organized and never dirty.
Ha ha...
you see where I am going with this?
So I want to change my bedroom.
I have to be reasonable.
We have four boys which means at any given time there could be five sets of grimy toes on my bed.
My toes aren't grimy, in case you were wondering.
And I don't have cooties...
Nor do I want them.
I digress...again.
So, here is what I want:
Color. Color and creativity go hand in hand. My soul is a creative one. I need color.
Boy friendly. They out number me. A lot. This is a pink in my bedroom...alas :)
Inexpensive. We have very little money for this type of frivolous spending.
Summery. I have a decent's red, as are my lamp shades. I have no problem whatsoever putting them away until winter when it's cold and we need a good snuggly, thick blanket. I want (basically) a nicely quilted light weight throw...of sorts.
So here is what I found:
A reversible blue/green light weight quilt. The shams are too small and are not I will have to improvise. I would use the blue color...although my walls are a lovely blue, I know I am not going to be painting any time soon, so it needs to coordinate...I want to alter some yellow pillow cases , find some or make some super cute throw pillows...only because Jeff complains about the few we have on our bed and I want to bug him cause I like him :) So, if the bedspread is blue, the stiching thread is a limish green that is hardly noticeable, the big pillows will have some kind of yellow case and I am going to sew a border of orange and white polka dot on the top of a white sheet for you think the orange would be too much on the bed skirt? I know, it seems like a lot of colors. Do you think it's too much. **disclaimer, even if you think it's too much, I may still do not be offended, instead be happy it's not yours ;)
I want a nice, fun room that will brighten my day and make me smile. On a budget.
And what color drapes? I am thinking white with a band of ribbon pulling one or two of the colors....
I am truly open to anything.
Just answer quick, cause I am hoping to knock this project out soon!
Right after I finish my new futon cover and family room curtains...

ETA: the blue is about the color of my blog background and the orange is about the color of the title of each entry...the yellow is kind of a melted butter, so nice and subtle...