Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am an addict. A coke addict. Sonic to be exact, but my spare change has gone towards other things lately, so my lovely addiction has had to be curbed. How sad am I ;)
Driving past Sonic yesterday morning on the way to the store Q says "mom, I really need a coke today. I am so firsty I could die." I say sorry to my dear child who has to my knowledge never been given even a sip (in the effort to stop this addiction at the source...ahem, me) to which he replied "but mom, it is such a coke day."
He was right...I should have stopped.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time is flying by

The past weeks have flown by. I keep thinking that I will update and post and so far, well, you can see how great I have been at that!

The top picture is poor Q on the first day of school. Suffice it to say that he is missing 'the brothers' and has become my little shadow (okay, so he has literally been attached to my hip since birth, but still...)
I love the sun looks in the bus picture. I tried to rearrange the pics, but so far not so good, so they are out of order...oh well. Our most recent family photo :) I love that NO ONE has to be smiling and you can tell Carson isn't :)
H on the first day of school. Usually these sunflowers are so much taller, but the weird weather this spring made my flowers short. He is enjoying middle school so far, but is tired of waiting for little brothers to get out of the bathrooms to get ready (which has resulted in many mornings of missed bus!)
This pic of C running kind of cracks me up because I was running behind him to which Tyler said 'mom, I didn't know you could run.' Nice.
Football and fall soccer have started, but that's a whole nother post about standing around :)

First things first

I have been informed that I never announced what ended up

happening with Cody's team. These guys did awesome. They were plagued by a few errors that cost them one game and I think Cody must have had a record of some sort because he was hit 5 (FIVE) times. Twice by the same team in sequential at bats...the only team that beat them. Huh...suspicious me thinks. He took a short turn as pitcher and played 3rd and short stop. He was awesome at short stop. Now, I realize that Jeff and I were not there, but I KNOW he did well because we listened to the radio guy. Plus, he's Cody, which makes all the difference in the world ;)

They ended up second. Not too shabby considering the last game was rained out for a whole day and the guys were so tired. I'm pretty sure we're proud of him.