Monday, August 24, 2009

I have a ton

of things to post about...
more pictures,
tons of stuff...
but for now, I am letting people know that on Friday August 28, I am hosting a bead (bracelet/watch) party. There are watch faces that will be for sale ($8) and you can add whatever kind of band you would like to. The first party I went to I made two bands for just under $9...the second party I made three bands and bought a face and it was $ it is a really good price from this lady.
It is from 4-9, although I would suggest getting here before 8 for two reasons, 1) things could take awhile cause she has bagillion eleventy beads and 2) she will need to leave as close to 9 as possible.
You can also buy your own beads to take home.
I love these parties...I am just a little bit addicted to the bands...
Call if you need directions, or email me...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I hate

using the 'we are so busy' excuse for not ever posting.

While it's true, we are busy, it's mostly because I am too lazy to walk down the stairs to post and I really would rather make a post with pictures!

Last week I did a super fun photoshoot with another big family. It was sooo much fun to see all of the dynamics and watch the proud mama and papa and all of the siblings and grands.

I am editing them right now and I tell you, there are some awesome pictures in this group! I will share a few as soon as I get them all done :)

For now, here is one of my favs...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't forget!!

the garage sale tomorrow. You can even just stop by and say hello.
And maybe cross your fingers that it is decent weather with little wind.
We have a LOT of kids clothes...mostly boy, ages 0-7 or 8...
Toys, books, tables, scrapbook stuff.
Jeff would love it if it were all gone by tomorrow night.
Maybe we could park in the garage again before winter.
And Hunter wants a new trumpet :)
The sale is Saturday August 15, 8am-2pm.
My house.

Monday, August 10, 2009

This weekend

Saturday specifically, we will be having a garage sale at my house. I know there are a few people interested in knowing these things...
There will be a few families involved. If you want to bring stuff over and help out for a bit, just mark your prices with your initials so we can keep track of sales and bring it over Friday night.
Hours will be 8-2 I think...Billie, if that isn'tright let me know :)
I know there will be baby things, scrapbook stuff...probably a few odds and ends...books, tables, etc...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Garage Sale

SO, many of you have asked to be notified when I get my garage cleaned out.
I can't remember who all of you were, I did let a couple of people know.
My garage is slowly getting cleaned, and my sister is hosting a sale tomorrow. I am taking as much of my crap over there as I can.
Anything left over will be sold either next Saturday here, or the next Saturday at my sis's again.
I am also hoping I get to my storage room, but not thining that will happen this week.
Her address is 2285 Mesa. To get there, you go west on First street, turn right (north) on Eastview, take a shallow left on Renny and her house is the white brick at the intersection of Renny and Mesa. I know she will have a bunch of clothes and stuff, but that's all I know.
It starts at 8.
Hope to see you tomorrow!