Friday, August 7, 2009

Garage Sale

SO, many of you have asked to be notified when I get my garage cleaned out.
I can't remember who all of you were, I did let a couple of people know.
My garage is slowly getting cleaned, and my sister is hosting a sale tomorrow. I am taking as much of my crap over there as I can.
Anything left over will be sold either next Saturday here, or the next Saturday at my sis's again.
I am also hoping I get to my storage room, but not thining that will happen this week.
Her address is 2285 Mesa. To get there, you go west on First street, turn right (north) on Eastview, take a shallow left on Renny and her house is the white brick at the intersection of Renny and Mesa. I know she will have a bunch of clothes and stuff, but that's all I know.
It starts at 8.
Hope to see you tomorrow!

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