Monday, March 30, 2009

More wedding pictures

Since the others got such rave reviews ;) I thought I would post more. Some of these I didn't post initially because I wanted to surprise Troy and Jenny with a couple framed when they got home.

As you will notice, I can't get my kids to look happy about pictures...this is the best one I could find, and it had to be B&W because little Ellie's bum was in it :)

And my family...I know I need to figure out something with the chairs in front. They bug me. This is my mom and dad, grandpa, sister and her family and brothers and their families. You will notice there are only three boys there that don't belong to of them is Hunter's 'not twin' who one of my nieces refers to as 'the other you' when she is talking to Hunter :)

Seriously, I loved taking these pictures and since they didn't take any bad pictures, it is really hard to choose which to put up.
Rough, isn't it :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wedding

So, as many of you know, my brother got married last Saturday.

It was gorgeous.

They held the ceremony and reception at the Shelton out by Rigby/Ririe and it was so much fun...the best part, I got to take the pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites...and yes, my brother is a dork.

He gets it from my other brother. :)
EDIT- per Desi's request :)
The family is all Jenny's. We have been having issues in emailing photos and so I uploaded a few of them here so they can print them off while they are on their honeymoon. I will probably add more when they get home since I may have a surprise or two for them when they get home and it is a secret :)
Top Pic: Jan and Tom (her parents)
Her whole family (brother, sil, niece and kids and her parents)
Troy, Jen and the kids with her brothers family
the rest are all various pictures of them messing around.
*back to the regularly scheduled spring break plan of screaming and threatening the boys...

Monday, March 23, 2009


This bundle of nonstop energy was born a week before I turned 30. He was actually due on my birthday, however due to immense size (yes. I know Q was bigger, but have you seen this kid?) and the fact that I could no longer move (remember, Joy?) they induced me early.
Thank goodness.
Ty is my little leprechaun. He, being a leprechaun, was given the gift of Gab...and he's full of Blarney...Great Grandma said so :)
He NEVER stops talking. I honestly think it surprises people at the amount of non stop energy and vocality in the child. I know it surprises me.
He loves sports and will try everything once or twice...
He loves to tell stories. Most preferably 20 minutes after bedtime. These stories can last for hours.
He has the BEST freckles ever.
And the bluest eyes. I could honestly take pictures of him forever, but I always get these weird faces...what's up with that?
I can not believe he is eight. He will forever be seven to me.
He is really strong. REALLY. Strong.
He is extremely sensitive to what is going on around him. He sometimes gets in trouble for paying too much attention to what is happening around him and not so much what he should be doing.
He would rather let a smaller kid pick on him than hurt the smaller kid...although to be honest, there are times we would like him to hurt the smaller kids so they quit picking on him. It kind of ticks me off. A lot.
He gives the best hugs. Ever.
He wears a size 5.5 shoe, 10 pants and 10-12 shirt. Yes, he is big...did I mention that at 2 months old he weighed in at 17.11 pounds? Yeah, he's about 76 now. (for proportion, Hunter is in a 7 shoe and weighs 85 pounds and is 5'2")
They forgot to give him a volume control in Heaven.
He never stops eating. I think there are times his brain gets confused as to whether it should be talking or eating :)
He is EXTREMELY smart. You can actually see the cogs turning in his brain as he muddles something through.
He would do anything to make someone happy. Include be silly. Or give them stuff he shouldn't. We are worried.
He likes Twilight :)
He is a burst of sunshine and I am so glad that we have him to light up our lives.
For his birthday we had a few of his neighborhood friends come over (we had a small family gathering on Sunday night. Where he refused to let me make a cake and insisted on Albertson's...after his birthday and the wedding, I am about non homemade caked out!) They ate pizza, had a cupcake contest and played for a while. One of the hardest thing for my boys with us having the store, was not being able to hang out with friends, so this was especially fun for Tyler.
Thanks to all the neighbors who got their invites so very late. It has been a crazy month for me trying to get back into things and so far, I have a lot to get worked out.

The Q-man

I have to apologize to this boy. Because of Grandma's death and funeral, his birthday was kind of put on the back burner...oddly, her birthday would actually have been the day after his. She would have been 80.

However, we made him a little cake (he wanted nothing but green apples for his birthday, so I tried my best to create a green apple cake :) ) and had just a little family party until the Sunday after his birthday. I don't think he minded at all :)

A few facts about Q.

1. We call him many things...most often Q, Quin. Quinny, TinTin, Tin Tin Fabioso and lately Tins, at his request....we all call him demon child and sometimes his middle name ends in 'it' as opposed to 'le' although the beginning letter is the same.

2. His dimples pretty much let him get away with anything. Sometimes this is bad.

3. He has been attached at my hip since sometime before birth.

4. He is a GREAT hand holder. And he has big hands so it makes me feel indestructable when I hold his.
5. He wears a size 1 shoe, size 5-6 pants and 6-8 shirts.

6. He is 46" tall and weighs 46 pounds. He is what they call square. This is good.

7. He makes us laugh.

8. We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives. He makes my days brighter.

9. He begins his prayers 'in the name of Jesus Christ, memaw comes tonight.' We have no idea what he means. He ends it the same way.

10. He was my biggest baby at 9.11 and 22 1/2" 3 pounds up from my first boy. That's a BIG jump, friends.

11. He thinks the Holy Ghost lives under his bed...sometimes this is good. He also wants to know when HE gets to be baptized...I think this is because of all of the talk of Tyler getting baptized.

12. I love my Quinny...and he has the cutest little bum ever :)

He's on a roll

So Q just comes running in...
"Mom! Did you hear what just came out of my ears?!"
Me, laughing, 'no, honey, I didn't. what came ot of your ears?'
He makes a yawning face 'This...did you hear it this time?"

He completely cracks me up.

*PS I have a TON of updates to do and now that my pictures are downloaded on my computer downstairs, I will be doing so. I do have to get wedding pictures off my card and onto the computer...I am so excited about these! I hope they turn out as well as I think they did. Plus, a couple of birthdays, spring, a few other things as I find the images...
And yes, if anyone is wondering, we did get Twilight Friday night (not planned, Q had a fever, the tylenol wasn't working so Jeff ran to Walmart at 12:15...yes we have watched...the boys have too...about 7 times.

Lessons in Primary

So Q and I were 'resting' yesterday afternoon and he was telling me a story. I asked him to repeat what he had said and his eyes started twinkling and he took his fingers and pulled them across his lips. I was kind of chuckling and asked what he was doing his reply 'I am zipping my lips and throwing away the zipper' which really made me laugh. I asked where he had learned to do this and he said 'in primary.'
Now, I know a few of the kids in the class (okay, I can think of 4, but one of them I just know the family she belongs to, not her actual name...the girls are all really cute and look a lot alike) so I say 'why did your teacher teach you this?' He said 'because we were talking too much' which again cracked me up. He isn't much of a talker at home. He talks, he just usually so much um, quieter than one of his brothers that he doesn't get heard a I asked who was talking. He rolled his eyes and said 'you know.' I was a bit confused because Ty was in my primary class, but I thought of a girl in the class, it was not C, and then I asked about a boy in the class and asked 'was it E-man?' He said 'yep.' I asked what teacher taught him this (because my kids do this a lot and it makes me laugh that he finally gets it after primary) and he said 'Teacher S.' :)
So, Teacher S, will you come teach this to a couple of my other kids? Well, just one.
And Teacher S, thanks for the laugh :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did you hear the good news?

"Watermelon is on sale at Albertson's"
Tyler just told me.
Quin W. in his class told him.
See the picture?
That could be Tyler.
He would be in Heaven :)

Lest I begin some crazy rumor

that my house is clean or that I am superwoman, because my boys will assure you it is in fact, not all need to realize that for 18 months I didn't clean much more than the general picking up of stuff.

My kids rarely saw me outside of the store.

Our home was filled with contention and frustration (not all the time on the contention, just more than necessary.)

On a good day, our house looked like a hand grenade was tossed in...on a bad day, wasn't pretty.

Things slipped that shouldn't have and in general, it was a really stressful time for us.

So now that I am free, I am soooo happy to clean and organize and toss and sew and play with my kids and do fun things.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the store. I did a good job with it. I just need to spend time with my boys and make sure we all are communicating well.

And truly, I wonder how anything ever got accomplished with me gone all the time...but I can tell you now, that I am so glad to know that my kids still love me, Jeff is glad to have me home and someday, my house will be clean.

PS all that got done yesterday were the bathrooms, 5 loads of laundry, our shirts hung up and a good start on my decor for the table for enrichment.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good news!

Now I can't remember what the good news was...ha! I think it's my age showing :)

Let's see, last week I managed to:

Do the dishes more than three times.

Not severely injure any of my kids.

Get a few food storage items (my brother bought a couple of the crop tables and chairs and paid us with food storage...Broulims in rigby is having their caselot sale in case any one needs anything)

Took the boys to see Bolt.

Took the boys shopping for fabric because like an understressed idiot, I signed up to do a table for enrichment this month...(yes, LaTisha, I will still do may decrease my stress because then I won't have to choose between two fun, totally different ideas, just let me know if you need me to.)

Worked on organizing my craft room (by organizing I mean piling items of the same category and wondering how in heck I acquired so much stuff...then realized that I have been doing this craft for 13 years and owned a store for three of them)

Read three books...I think my total for the year is around 7000 pages...but now I am out of money and have too much time (ha, I crack myself up...Billie, help! I need books)

Saw Twilight AGAIN...Jeff loves it. I am pretty sure I know what I am getting for my birthday.

Registered two boys for Little League and have the stuff ready to regiester the other for football...does anyone know if this is flag again?

Visited my friend Alicia at her cute store in Rigby. Got some super cute stuff...yes, I did need more scrapbook stuff, I jsut don't know where to put it...and I probably will do a yard sale this summer.

Tried to clean out a couple of my kitchen drawers...the junk ones...unfortunately this means I need to clean out the rest of my cabinets and drawers. Yikes.

Became completely overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning this house needs. Seriously. Baseboards need painted, holes in the walls need filled, kitchen sink needs caulked...not to mention the boys war zones...I mean bedrooms...they may come home from school tomorrow and have no idea where they sleep...yep, I may change them up again. Although I did like Ty's idea of just putting all the beds in one room and all the toys/dressers in the other :)
The laundry room is almost completely cleaned out...I do need to do the general washing of the room, but the clothes are pretty well hung up or folded and put away...I need to take the clothes that don't fit one the older boys and out it in storage until Q is big next week.
Jeff got my computer working (the one from the store, so now I can actually add recent pictures to my blog...)

AND I ordered a camera. I got an awesome deal and am still trying to decide what to do with this's still one of my babies. I am hoping it gets here tomorrow so I can play with it before the wedding in two weeks :) I really want to do some awesome pictures!

This week I plan to make a meal plan, paint my magnetic board, clean the bathrooms and set up some sort of cleaning schedule, clean my bedroom and clean out my closet. I will try to finish my craft room and get my table for enrichment finalized so I can relax on that :) Whew...

That may be all I get to...sad, isn't it!
Uh oh, sounds like the Qman is up and I need him to be asleep.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wake Daddy up

The other day I was reading my friend Hilary's blog and her little girl had drawn a really cute picture of what would happen if she went to sleep in her parents' bed...her mom (Hilary) would climb in bed next to her and her dad would go to sleep in the guest room :)
Tonight, as we were getting ready for family prayer, Q pulls me aside and says "mom, when I have a scary nightmare, will you wake daddy up and tell him to go to my bed?"
What cracks me up the most about this, is the little man has been waking up almost every night between midnight and 4 and crawling into bed with us. I am usually too asleep to care, and he never kicks me (he can't he's practically on top of me) so I'm mostly good with it, except the part where I am contorted...
Jeff however, was not as amused as I was :)