Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lest I begin some crazy rumor

that my house is clean or that I am superwoman, because my boys will assure you it is in fact, not true...you all need to realize that for 18 months I didn't clean much more than the general picking up of stuff.

My kids rarely saw me outside of the store.

Our home was filled with contention and frustration (not all the time on the contention, just more than necessary.)

On a good day, our house looked like a hand grenade was tossed in...on a bad day, well...it wasn't pretty.

Things slipped that shouldn't have and in general, it was a really stressful time for us.

So now that I am free, I am soooo happy to clean and organize and toss and sew and play with my kids and do fun things.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the store. I did a good job with it. I just need to spend time with my boys and make sure we all are communicating well.

And truly, I wonder how anything ever got accomplished with me gone all the time...but I can tell you now, that I am so glad to know that my kids still love me, Jeff is glad to have me home and someday, my house will be clean.

PS all that got done yesterday were the bathrooms, 5 loads of laundry, our shirts hung up and a good start on my decor for the table for enrichment.


Amberly said...

Tina you are a cleaning machine! And, I am loving your new camera. Is it a Canon Rebel? If you need practice subjects, my girls are cute and in need of pictures!

Lori Jolley said...

I think you are doing wonderful! We won't even discuss the state of our bathroom!

stoner said...

Keep up the good work....yet again, I will not be showing this to my honey!

Anonymous said...

OK, does five loads of laundry mean washed and folded. Because I counnt just washed. Folding deserves another prize.ha