Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good news!

Now I can't remember what the good news was...ha! I think it's my age showing :)

Let's see, last week I managed to:

Do the dishes more than three times.

Not severely injure any of my kids.

Get a few food storage items (my brother bought a couple of the crop tables and chairs and paid us with food storage...Broulims in rigby is having their caselot sale in case any one needs anything)

Took the boys to see Bolt.

Took the boys shopping for fabric because like an understressed idiot, I signed up to do a table for enrichment this month...(yes, LaTisha, I will still do may decrease my stress because then I won't have to choose between two fun, totally different ideas, just let me know if you need me to.)

Worked on organizing my craft room (by organizing I mean piling items of the same category and wondering how in heck I acquired so much stuff...then realized that I have been doing this craft for 13 years and owned a store for three of them)

Read three books...I think my total for the year is around 7000 pages...but now I am out of money and have too much time (ha, I crack myself up...Billie, help! I need books)

Saw Twilight AGAIN...Jeff loves it. I am pretty sure I know what I am getting for my birthday.

Registered two boys for Little League and have the stuff ready to regiester the other for football...does anyone know if this is flag again?

Visited my friend Alicia at her cute store in Rigby. Got some super cute stuff...yes, I did need more scrapbook stuff, I jsut don't know where to put it...and I probably will do a yard sale this summer.

Tried to clean out a couple of my kitchen drawers...the junk ones...unfortunately this means I need to clean out the rest of my cabinets and drawers. Yikes.

Became completely overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning this house needs. Seriously. Baseboards need painted, holes in the walls need filled, kitchen sink needs caulked...not to mention the boys war zones...I mean bedrooms...they may come home from school tomorrow and have no idea where they sleep...yep, I may change them up again. Although I did like Ty's idea of just putting all the beds in one room and all the toys/dressers in the other :)
The laundry room is almost completely cleaned out...I do need to do the general washing of the room, but the clothes are pretty well hung up or folded and put away...I need to take the clothes that don't fit one the older boys and out it in storage until Q is big next week.
Jeff got my computer working (the one from the store, so now I can actually add recent pictures to my blog...)

AND I ordered a camera. I got an awesome deal and am still trying to decide what to do with this's still one of my babies. I am hoping it gets here tomorrow so I can play with it before the wedding in two weeks :) I really want to do some awesome pictures!

This week I plan to make a meal plan, paint my magnetic board, clean the bathrooms and set up some sort of cleaning schedule, clean my bedroom and clean out my closet. I will try to finish my craft room and get my table for enrichment finalized so I can relax on that :) Whew...

That may be all I get to...sad, isn't it!
Uh oh, sounds like the Qman is up and I need him to be asleep.
Wish me luck!


Joy said...

That is a lot accomplished in one week. No wonder why I didn't see you at all. About the painting. that is the next project at my house!!

Amberly said...

Tina pace yourself!!

Anonymous said...

We went to Broulim's in Shelley Saturday. Good deals!

Good luck with all you want to accomplish. You've got me thinking of making a list of things I need to do.

stoner said...

Wow! You are impressive. I will be sure not to let my hubby see this post....that is more than I get done all month....Who am I kidding? Probably all year!

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Tina, I don't see how you even had a job with all jobs you got going on.