Monday, March 23, 2009


This bundle of nonstop energy was born a week before I turned 30. He was actually due on my birthday, however due to immense size (yes. I know Q was bigger, but have you seen this kid?) and the fact that I could no longer move (remember, Joy?) they induced me early.
Thank goodness.
Ty is my little leprechaun. He, being a leprechaun, was given the gift of Gab...and he's full of Blarney...Great Grandma said so :)
He NEVER stops talking. I honestly think it surprises people at the amount of non stop energy and vocality in the child. I know it surprises me.
He loves sports and will try everything once or twice...
He loves to tell stories. Most preferably 20 minutes after bedtime. These stories can last for hours.
He has the BEST freckles ever.
And the bluest eyes. I could honestly take pictures of him forever, but I always get these weird faces...what's up with that?
I can not believe he is eight. He will forever be seven to me.
He is really strong. REALLY. Strong.
He is extremely sensitive to what is going on around him. He sometimes gets in trouble for paying too much attention to what is happening around him and not so much what he should be doing.
He would rather let a smaller kid pick on him than hurt the smaller kid...although to be honest, there are times we would like him to hurt the smaller kids so they quit picking on him. It kind of ticks me off. A lot.
He gives the best hugs. Ever.
He wears a size 5.5 shoe, 10 pants and 10-12 shirt. Yes, he is big...did I mention that at 2 months old he weighed in at 17.11 pounds? Yeah, he's about 76 now. (for proportion, Hunter is in a 7 shoe and weighs 85 pounds and is 5'2")
They forgot to give him a volume control in Heaven.
He never stops eating. I think there are times his brain gets confused as to whether it should be talking or eating :)
He is EXTREMELY smart. You can actually see the cogs turning in his brain as he muddles something through.
He would do anything to make someone happy. Include be silly. Or give them stuff he shouldn't. We are worried.
He likes Twilight :)
He is a burst of sunshine and I am so glad that we have him to light up our lives.
For his birthday we had a few of his neighborhood friends come over (we had a small family gathering on Sunday night. Where he refused to let me make a cake and insisted on Albertson's...after his birthday and the wedding, I am about non homemade caked out!) They ate pizza, had a cupcake contest and played for a while. One of the hardest thing for my boys with us having the store, was not being able to hang out with friends, so this was especially fun for Tyler.
Thanks to all the neighbors who got their invites so very late. It has been a crazy month for me trying to get back into things and so far, I have a lot to get worked out.


Joy said...

Yes I remember when you were prego with him. Remember you thought I was not due for ever--and I thought you were past your due date!! funny that we are now neighbors!!

Lori Jolley said...

You have the cutest boys ever! I love your sweet thoughts about each one. I need to do that!

Anonymous said...

I love his freckles and his blue eyes too. At least there are never any uncomfortable silences when he's around.