Monday, March 23, 2009

The Q-man

I have to apologize to this boy. Because of Grandma's death and funeral, his birthday was kind of put on the back burner...oddly, her birthday would actually have been the day after his. She would have been 80.

However, we made him a little cake (he wanted nothing but green apples for his birthday, so I tried my best to create a green apple cake :) ) and had just a little family party until the Sunday after his birthday. I don't think he minded at all :)

A few facts about Q.

1. We call him many things...most often Q, Quin. Quinny, TinTin, Tin Tin Fabioso and lately Tins, at his request....we all call him demon child and sometimes his middle name ends in 'it' as opposed to 'le' although the beginning letter is the same.

2. His dimples pretty much let him get away with anything. Sometimes this is bad.

3. He has been attached at my hip since sometime before birth.

4. He is a GREAT hand holder. And he has big hands so it makes me feel indestructable when I hold his.
5. He wears a size 1 shoe, size 5-6 pants and 6-8 shirts.

6. He is 46" tall and weighs 46 pounds. He is what they call square. This is good.

7. He makes us laugh.

8. We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives. He makes my days brighter.

9. He begins his prayers 'in the name of Jesus Christ, memaw comes tonight.' We have no idea what he means. He ends it the same way.

10. He was my biggest baby at 9.11 and 22 1/2" 3 pounds up from my first boy. That's a BIG jump, friends.

11. He thinks the Holy Ghost lives under his bed...sometimes this is good. He also wants to know when HE gets to be baptized...I think this is because of all of the talk of Tyler getting baptized.

12. I love my Quinny...and he has the cutest little bum ever :)

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stoner said...

This is a great idea....writing down their shoe sizes,height, weight, likes and dislikes. They change so much and we forget so much....what a way to remember. I need to do the same thing.

I like calling him is cute and seems to fit perfect.