Thursday, April 15, 2010


When the boys get blamed for doing something obviously say, cutting holes in my couch cushions (or the couch itself) it is pretty obvious who was the evil doer when the scissors look like this...
We have only one lefty in our house.
He's rather cute.
Whiskey brown eyes.
Fantastic smile.
Hilarious personality.
And dimples to park a truck in.
The funny thing, he tried to blame it on Hunter because obviously, 'H starts with Hunter' and since they are Hunter's scissors (from about 4 years ago) he must have done it.
Except Hunter was at school :)
He has to work on a few things, but I imagine soon enough he will be trying to pull the wool over my eyes much more effectively.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not complaining

at all, at all.
I am especially thankful that we live in a home large enough to offer a place for me to toss my "crap" as my husband says.
I am thankful that this place will not be given to a boy when it is time to finally finish the basement (we are hoping to get two bedrooms done this least I am!)
There are certainly things I want to change though.
For instance...the paint.
It's a beautiful or some such.
However, I feel a bit more turquoise these days.
I would feel less like I were in a pumpkin if my walls were blue.
Not too blue...
When I was a kid my parents painted my brothers' bedroom swimming pool blue.
Not a good effect.
Although I am fairly sure she wanted to drown them once or twice (remember the rock thing?)
What I would really like, truly...more heat.
My fingers freeze when I am down here for long.
And this is where my 'good' computer is.
Where I edit and contemplate...
where my toys are.
The none hungry kind.
So I am cold.
A lot.
Perhaps a space heater?
But then Jeff would make fun of me like he does his mom...respectfully teasing her about her need for a 99* space heater in the summer :)
I would also like a door that opens and closes, not leans against a wall.
A cute door, perhaps with glass.
Husband says boys break glass.
Maybe just a dutch door, then.
Maybe someday.
For now, I would settle for heat :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I know...

we have discussed this.
I know it is bad for me.
However, I also know that I REALLY enjoy it.
And as my friend Hilary said (she was actually behind me in line today) "it's not that expensive of a bad habit" so I suppose I must agree and I must keep on enjoying my little bit of sin.
Besides, summer is coming and there is very little that tastes better than an ice cold coke on a hot summer day. :)
I think it would be awesome if I actually glittered it all up purty like this one :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This boy...

It seems I am a horrid blogger.

I will place the blame squarely on this boy.
Yes, it is the five year old's fault.
He's so cute and all...
It causes me much distraction.
Plus...he is the definition of Cling-on.
Always has been.
I should start calling him "Static."
I fear he would be teased mercilessly.
By his brothers.
You know, Megamouth and Freakshow.
**I am honestly not sure which brother is Freakshow, as he calls all of them that at some point during the day.**
***I do not encourage this behavior***
***It comes from his father's side of the family. Mine encourages name contractions so as to yell at them all Hucatyton!!!!! That's how the Taylor's roll****
****No relation to the Russell and Joy family...we checked. Not that this would be bad, but just in case you were wondering.****
So, in January I read a lot.
In Februrary, I am fairly sure something happened.
In March, we had a gojillion birthdays and birthday parties to attend.
One of those was mine.
It did not excite me.
I did, however, recieve a Jacob Barbie and a this is the sign of a midlife crisis?
I did turn down the opportunity to get the Tinkerbell DS game however.
I have some dignity...and the boys would NEVER let me live it down.
I instead, chose Twilight Scene it.
Yes, I am that big of a dork.
We also had our first set of stitches in March.
Can you believe it?
Almost 14 years with four boys and no stitches.
My parents didn't make it that long!
Course, my parents left my brothers with my Grandparents while they went to Disneyland and one brother hit the other brother with a rock at Rigby lake...
Maybe this boy fighting thing IS normal...
So, I have been watching my boys grow way to quickly for my taste, I have accomplished very little and basically, I am going to strive to do better with the old blog.
Is anyone even still out there?
Well, happy snow day, regardless.