Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not complaining

at all, at all.
I am especially thankful that we live in a home large enough to offer a place for me to toss my "crap" as my husband says.
I am thankful that this place will not be given to a boy when it is time to finally finish the basement (we are hoping to get two bedrooms done this least I am!)
There are certainly things I want to change though.
For instance...the paint.
It's a beautiful or some such.
However, I feel a bit more turquoise these days.
I would feel less like I were in a pumpkin if my walls were blue.
Not too blue...
When I was a kid my parents painted my brothers' bedroom swimming pool blue.
Not a good effect.
Although I am fairly sure she wanted to drown them once or twice (remember the rock thing?)
What I would really like, truly...more heat.
My fingers freeze when I am down here for long.
And this is where my 'good' computer is.
Where I edit and contemplate...
where my toys are.
The none hungry kind.
So I am cold.
A lot.
Perhaps a space heater?
But then Jeff would make fun of me like he does his mom...respectfully teasing her about her need for a 99* space heater in the summer :)
I would also like a door that opens and closes, not leans against a wall.
A cute door, perhaps with glass.
Husband says boys break glass.
Maybe just a dutch door, then.
Maybe someday.
For now, I would settle for heat :)


♥jada said...

I could definitely go for some blue walls and some heat... :)
Glad to meet your blog!

Bernadine said...

Cool, you need to do it. Tina, have you read the book and watched the DVD by Dr Wayne Dyer called "The Shift". It is worth watching.

Tina said...

Thanks, Jada :)
I haven't. I have heard of him, though. I will look into. Maybe they will have it at the library...if not Barnes and Noble should.