Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This boy...

It seems I am a horrid blogger.

I will place the blame squarely on this boy.
Yes, it is the five year old's fault.
He's so cute and all...
It causes me much distraction.
Plus...he is the definition of Cling-on.
Always has been.
I should start calling him "Static."
I fear he would be teased mercilessly.
By his brothers.
You know, Megamouth and Freakshow.
**I am honestly not sure which brother is Freakshow, as he calls all of them that at some point during the day.**
***I do not encourage this behavior***
***It comes from his father's side of the family. Mine encourages name contractions so as to yell at them all equally...like Hucatyton!!!!! That's how the Taylor's roll****
****No relation to the Russell and Joy family...we checked. Not that this would be bad, but just in case you were wondering.****
So, in January I read a lot.
In Februrary, I am fairly sure something happened.
In March, we had a gojillion birthdays and birthday parties to attend.
One of those was mine.
It did not excite me.
I did, however, recieve a Jacob Barbie and a DS...is this is the sign of a midlife crisis?
I did turn down the opportunity to get the Tinkerbell DS game however.
I have some dignity...and the boys would NEVER let me live it down.
I instead, chose Twilight Scene it.
Yes, I am that big of a dork.
We also had our first set of stitches in March.
Can you believe it?
Almost 14 years with four boys and no stitches.
My parents didn't make it that long!
Course, my parents left my brothers with my Grandparents while they went to Disneyland and one brother hit the other brother with a rock at Rigby lake...
Maybe this boy fighting thing IS normal...
So, I have been watching my boys grow way to quickly for my taste, I have accomplished very little and basically, I am going to strive to do better with the old blog.
Is anyone even still out there?
Well, happy snow day, regardless.


lori said...

Hey there! Aren't boys the best?! One of mine had to have 4 x-rays, surgery and 6 pins and stitches and physical therapy. So I'm a little jealous of you just doing stitches.
I saw your quilt at the Porters quilt show. I wanted it.

Tina said...

Really, Lori? That's a HUGE compliment. It was my first actual start to finish quilt. I used my mom's new quilt machine and I LOVE that Basic Grey fabric!

Tina said...
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Amberly said...

Glad you are back in the old blogging world. I call my girls "my ducklings". They follow me everywhere I go. Now one can read, so she reads over my shoulder. Never a break for a mother!!

Amberly said...

Hey, I have an update blog so you can tell when I have updated my private blog. It is tylerandamberlyupdates.blogspot.com , put it on your blog list!

Amanda Gibson said...

So you really ARE alive. Good to know. Glad you're back!

Desi said...

I'm still here...I have you on my Google Reader so I always know when you post...and I can't believe that is Q...I thought it was one of your older boys...he has grown so much!

Hilary said...

he's cute! How's the baby army? Happy birthday, late! Love the DS!I'm addicted to games on my itouch. Addicted.