Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's kind of like groundhog day...

January, I mean.
It kills me.
Grey, cloudy morning, smattering of snow, cooped up kids, arguing about bed times.
Grey, cloudy morning, smattering of snow, cooped up kids, arguing about bedtimes.
Grey, cloudy morning....oh, you get it?
Yeah...it used to be that I would go to work and get over it.
Or, go out of town and get over it.
Either way, the grey, dismal days of January were cured by getting out and getting over it.
This year, not so much.
It makes me not want to blog or exercise or fix dinner for the kids...
It does make me yearn for bright blue skies that are a backdrop for a brilliant, warm sun.
It makes me yearn for baseball games and our 'busy' season...
It makes me go stir crazy because I know it's not happening.
Somehow, I muddle through.
We managed to celebrate a birthday or two, have a few visitors and not damage any of our children permanently.
That can be quite a feat, my friends.
I have much to catch up on, much to discuss and maybe, hopefully, I am seeing the end of this Groundhog Day type existance and will be riproaringreadytogo soon.
After all, we do have an early baseball game planned :)
Can't wait!!


lori said...

I know exactly what you mean! January is HARD!

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling it too. I was looking out the window this morning and thinking...ugh!

The gray, cold days make me not want to do anything. Tired of that feeling.

Amanda Gibson said...

Before we know it it'll be spring - just you wait!

Bernadine said...


Anonymous said...

January is rough and this year I planned some fun stuff and it did help. Have to admit that I'm happy it's almost March.