Friday, October 31, 2008

About the PSA

Seriously, I almsot fell off my bed laughing. If it offends you, I apologize, however, I have found my humor must have been influenced by a 13 year old boy.
Weird things make me laugh.
Like the shrinking balls video.
hehe :)

Public Service Announcement

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Techy question

Does anyone know how to calibrate your computer screen to match the color in your printer and on your editing program? I am kind of tired of getting great images and colors (well, in my opinion) on the screen and having them print dark.
Thanks so much!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I forgot

that I had suggested to anyone that I would give out a prize if they knew why we got married when we did and I forgot to actually mention the reason.
It was deer season. Yes, my friends, we got married then because Jeff had 3 weeks off for deer hunting. It was the last year he got a deer.
Perhaps his luck ran out when his fiance cried her way up the aisle.
And Desi, did you notice that NONE of them look like me? Poor kids all look like their dad :)
Good thing I like how he looks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

His first cheese

Seriously, this boy cracks me up. It's not enough that he is funny. But he is really funny. And he knows it.

Talented too...not just any kid can shoot water out of his belly button.

So yesterday he did his first cheese smile. He didn't say it. He just did it. Too much time around big brothers, I think.

He's cute no matter how he smiles.

I like it best when the dimples show.

Anyone notice the lovely scars on his lower lip? They were the result of daddy watching out for him...every time (and there have been three...)

Fall gratitude

A few new pictures of the boys. I just need to get the reflections out of H's glasses and I will be super happy with this group. Anyone know how to do that? Hilary?

I love fall. I love the smell and the food and the warmish that it has Halloween and it is the beginning of the holidays...

It makes me feel grateful. Grateful that I have these boys in my life, the opportunities I have and the friends I have.

I mean seriously, there aren't any cuter or smarter kids out there. I know. Well, maybe a girl, but not mine :)

What do you think of the black and white one? I am kind of liking it. Maybe for Christmas cards...

I am especially grateful that we got to go to the pumpkin patch, Jeff didn't freak, the boys didn't fight AND I got some good, two shots each and they were climbing again. Nice.

4th file 4th photo 4 boys

I saw this on Hilary's blog awhile ago and then Billie tagged me. Here it is, the fourth photo in my fourth file of my four boys. Kind of funny. And weird.
This is a typical pose of them, sitting on our bed, watching something so enthralling that none of them even noticed I was in the room.
Not sure how long ago, but I am guessing about a year ago. (this is the store computer, so my files aren't that old.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Favorite TV time

So, I know you all are just dying to know what it is I love to watch on TV. Jeff will tell you I watch too much. I would agree. HOWEVER, in my defense there are only two shows I willingly ignore the kids for...
In no particular order here are my favorites.

The Mentalist.
Grey's Anatomy.
Private Practice.
Pushing Daisies. (I LOVE the colors of this show. LOVE them.)
Samantha Who?
Lipstick Jungle.
CSI: Miami (I like the other CSI's, but this is my favorite.)
Bones. (mmmm David Boreanaz)
Desperate Housewives.
Eli Stone.

Shows I do not enjoy:
Now, I realize I married the wrong guy to not like football. I will also admit to having a kind of crush on football for about 10 years until I married this guy. Now football means yelling at rowdy boys to be quiet, ignoring me, and no help with kids getting to bed...which is why I now don't enjoy football. Unless it is one of my kids. Then I am pleased to say I am starting to understand a few things. Like that Tyler's team rocks cause his first arena ball game was 36-0 and last nights game was 36-6.

As for all of the shows I's usually on the computer when I am doing displays. I create better when there is something on. Maybe that is why I am so slow...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is kind of funny

at least it is to me. So a few years ago my Carson went through a HUGE thing with Sharkboy and Lava Girl. It's a movie about a boy who's dream book is stolen and in order to save the world he has to start dreaming again. Sharkboy and Lava Girl help him do this. There is more to it (I think) but what I am wondering is if anyone recognizes Sharkboy...Twilight fans...
Anyone want to guess?
Funny, huh :)


I have been thinking a lot about things that make me happy and things that frustrate me or make me grumpy. I have decided to list them, grumpies first so I can end this on a happy note.

1. Children who argue. I realize that there is a point where kids need to be able to express them selves to grow and learn and be able to find who they are. I get that. I do NOT get it when kids argue for no reason. Seriously, if I round up to 8:05 and it is only 8:03, don't argue with me. It will make me mad and I will not send you off to school in a happy mood. Promise. For that matter, just once a day, agree with me. Please.
2. Dirty dishes in my sink. When I was little (and younger) I would do the dishes by hand because dishwashers were for other people. Not sure why. I would pretend to be a princess trapped in a castle and to get away from the evil witch I had to wash the dishes. I think perhaps now I am the evil witch and dirty dishes are just little reminders of how bad I am at time management and that makes me grumpy. Plus, even if the rest of my hosue is trashed, a clean sink makes me smile.
3. People who drive slow while talking on their cell phones. There is a fabulous invention out called a blue tooth. Invest and use it.
4. PMS
5. The word 'economy.' I get that we are in this huge national crisis and everyone is going bankrupt and we are all losing our homes and cars and jobs and pretty soon they are taking Santa away. I get it. Stop reminding me.
6. Feeling like I am not enough. Of anything, and it can change daily. I am not enough of a cook to satisfy my children's ever changing pallets, not enough of a maid, not organized enough, not nice enough...whatever. I just don't like it.
7. Not being a fast scrapbooker. I know that sounds like a weird one, but when you have a store and need things done quickly for display, you need to be fast. I am not.
8. Facebook. I don't get it. I am on it. I have a few friends (hi, friends!) but I don't know why I have a garden and flowers and squirrels and what do I do with them (they are cute...) and I do apologize to those who don't like friends without pictures, but well, I have none...unless you just want a generic whatever one...that I can provide. Or boobs. It seems that Q's angle is about that high and so when he takes a picture that's the image I get. (I wonder if he is being paid by Jeff?) Can someone explain...cause I just want to play the games.
9. Homework. And teachers who write snotty notes on homework in response to polite questions about said homework. Seriously. Be nice to me cause you don't want me mad. And really, I probably know my kid better than you ever will. Take my advice.
10. My size.

Things that make me happy.
1. My kids. They totally crack me up (when a certain one is arguing with me about everything) especially Q because he is coming up with some doozy's lately.
2. A clean house. It makes everyone happy, it's just taking some time to figure out that if the house is clean and I am happy, so will they be.
3. Someone surprising me and taking out the trash. I am the only girl, I should not EVER have trash duty...or toilets :)
4. Clean laundry that has been folded and put away.
5. Date nights.
6. Flowers.
7. My boys all sleeping in their own beds (ahem, Q...this means you!)
8. Sleeping all night through!
9. The minute I get to turn off the alarm the day before a weekend or a day our of school.
10. Snow days :)
11. Watching my kids play sports. Even football. Go Ty, who got a PAT last week. Woohoo!
12. Watching my kids read.
13. Watching my kids teach each other something, or just hang out together.
14. That no matter where I am, the kids follow. It makes for an interesting Sunday afternoon nap. And we all laugh that if I sit down somewhere, because the boys are all either on me or touching me.
15. Backrubs.
16. Dumb jokes.
17. Jeff watching 'Scrubs'
18. Being my own boss.
19. Seeing old friends and having the feeling that you see them everyday, even when it is years.
20. Baking

That's not so bad. Notice how I did twice as many happy things? Sly, huh :)
Now it's your turn.

Friday, October 17, 2008

10 years ago today

I woke up in a new house unsure of what to feel. I was nervous, worried, excited and kind of freaking out.
My Grandma and Aunt Lois stopped by to look at the house. I took a shower and gave Hunter a bath. Then promptly burst into tears not to stop until sometime around 5:30pm. Right after our wedding ceremony.
They messed up the music and had to start it over. I made old friends cry at the music choice...maybe even Jeff :) We used Canon in D by Pachelbel and Rose from the Titanic soundtrack.
I have heard there was food, don't remember it. I believe there was dancing (although if you ask Jeff very little of it was the two of us...he's probably right.) I know there were gifts...I still use the breadmaker. Can you believe the only two things we got multiples of were 9x13 pans. Weird.
All of his family was there. Most of mine was (Troy was on a mission and Randy my BIL had just flown back to Hawaii after his brother's wedding the week before.)
Hunter and Zakk took turns feeding each other cake like Jeff and I had.
We spent our honeymoon in San Diego and had a fantastic day in Disneyland and a day spent at Seaworld and Coronado Island.
Since then, we have added (in no particular order) three more boys, a dog, two cats, three lizards, two houses, four vehicles, a store, 3 job changes and a total of 7 years of school. There have been too many baseball, soccer and football teams to count, numerous swimming lessons and a few trips to the ER. (And many pounds, but we won't go there!) We have visited family in Nebraska, Wyoming and Washington. We have been to Utah a few times and every year he takes a weekend trip to Salmon for steelhead fishing (without me :) ) I have been to Disneyland twice (without him) and I think I am way getting the better deal.
So tonight we are having a fancy date of Roadhouse and then maybe renting a movie. Wow. we are so exciting. :)

**And happy anniversary to Dave and Julie. We decided to get married on their anniversary. Well, not really. If anyone can tell me why we REALLY got married this day I may just have a goodie for you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What would you do?

If someone gave you theater seats?
I was reading this blog a few minutes ago and she mentioned how she had found these seats at a thrift store and my mind started wandering.
It likes to do that.
They would be fun to put in the garden at the side of my house where the trees we plant die.
Or do fun pictures of the boys, but we would need four.
Or use instead of a couch.
We could take them to the drive in :) If it ever opened again.
I am just looking at these and thinking of the fantastic amount of pleasure they would give me. Just think of the fights I could overhear on family movie night :)
*photo by Karen Russell

Thursday, October 9, 2008

This kid

is killing me :)

The 'garage sale' at the store has begun. It has been a pretty busy day and with Q here it can be interesting. So as soon as our first round of customers had come and gone Q decides he needs me for a minute. In fact he said 'I need you for a minute, Mom' and really, who can resist that? So off we go into the kitchen/crop area.

Please be aware that in this little room are our chairs that go in the front of the store, plus the only two tables we didn't bring out and all of the other chairs. The floor is in desperate need of a mopping and it all just a big jumble. Q winds his way through the chairs and such and tells me it is now my turn. I am waaaay bigger than this guy and had to chuckle. We moved a few things and he turns to me and says 'take a seat, mom. we need to talk.'

Okay, how do you NOT crack up? I smiled and he begins to tell me of a TV show he and Carson watched and it had poh-er bears on it and there were some mamonts but the mamonts were on a different show, but they had really cool hair cause they were woowee mamonts and do you fink a poh-er bear is tougher than a woowee mamont and someday he is going fishing again with his dad and grandpa and the brudders...for 15 minutes this boy talked. Many of you may have encountered moments with Ty who I can honestly say, is able to out-talk just about any girl in the world...twice. I am afraid this is going to happen again with Q. Yikes.

But he is pretty dang cute and I totally love his voice and mispronounciations (I almost types mispornounciations and that made me giggle again...easily amused am I.) And soon he will be 12 and I will look up to him (it's inevitable, folks...have you seen this boy?) and wonder where my baby went.
**sorry about the tilty picture, I can't get this program to turn it the right way.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out of the mouths...

Every once in awhile I have to laugh.
Often it is at my children.
Sometimes it isn't appropriate.
For instance when Hunter was working on his cell project for one of his classes and asked if it is a 'rectum' or a 'reculum.'
That could go either way, folks.
I stifled my laughter and asked to what was he actually referring.
'Endoplasmic' something...
'Reticulum?' I asked.
Then I burst out laughing.

Today's nugget was from my Qboy.
We ran to Papa Kelsey's for lunch and Q got a drink with his meal.
He wanted root beer, to which I replied, okay but it will make you burp loud.
Fast forward 20 minutes when the customer in the store looks toward the kitchen with big eyes and Q comes walking out saying 'you are right, mom. That drink does make big burps!'
This lady only had one child, a girl. Can you imagine her at my house when all the boys are around?

Friday, October 3, 2008


Like ninty bazillion years ago Lori tagged me.

I think I am supposed to do six quirky things about me.

There are way more than 6.

I will do my best to limit them.

1. I don't like feet unless I gave birth to them, and right now Hunter's are getting sketchy. The weird part, I LOVE pictures of feet. I know. It's weird.

2. My dishwasher has to be loaded a certain way. There is no one else in the house who does it the 'right' way ;) But I am learning to deal with it if it means that I don't have to do the dishes.

3. I am the ONLY girl in my house...not so quirky, but as the only girl I should, no I deserve the right to any pair of shoes that catches my fancy. Speaking of, I am still on the hunt for the perfect brown shoe...I think I found it last week, but have yet to purchase because I am afraid Jeff will notice. And I can't stop at one pair, if there is another cute pair (obviously of a different style, I must buy it as well.) Q fully supports this habit. Jeff, not so much.

4. I must have cute socks. It's the whole girl thing. I like to think I am only medium in the maintenance department, so cute socks are a necessity. Like milk or cheese or bread.

5. I don't like hot tubs. They freak me out. A lot. I can go in them at hotels, but I could never own one. Too many frat house stories...note I said stories, not experiences.

6. I don't like pedicures. They are nice once in awhile, but I much prefer a manicure. I can paint and trim my own toenails.

7. I am a paraniod mom. I watch them until the bus goes past. It comes from my mom telling us about every flasher and bad guy in the world when I was a kid.

So, I tag Bonnie, Joy, Julie and Lori. I would tag Hilary, but she doesn't like tags :)