Friday, October 17, 2008

10 years ago today

I woke up in a new house unsure of what to feel. I was nervous, worried, excited and kind of freaking out.
My Grandma and Aunt Lois stopped by to look at the house. I took a shower and gave Hunter a bath. Then promptly burst into tears not to stop until sometime around 5:30pm. Right after our wedding ceremony.
They messed up the music and had to start it over. I made old friends cry at the music choice...maybe even Jeff :) We used Canon in D by Pachelbel and Rose from the Titanic soundtrack.
I have heard there was food, don't remember it. I believe there was dancing (although if you ask Jeff very little of it was the two of us...he's probably right.) I know there were gifts...I still use the breadmaker. Can you believe the only two things we got multiples of were 9x13 pans. Weird.
All of his family was there. Most of mine was (Troy was on a mission and Randy my BIL had just flown back to Hawaii after his brother's wedding the week before.)
Hunter and Zakk took turns feeding each other cake like Jeff and I had.
We spent our honeymoon in San Diego and had a fantastic day in Disneyland and a day spent at Seaworld and Coronado Island.
Since then, we have added (in no particular order) three more boys, a dog, two cats, three lizards, two houses, four vehicles, a store, 3 job changes and a total of 7 years of school. There have been too many baseball, soccer and football teams to count, numerous swimming lessons and a few trips to the ER. (And many pounds, but we won't go there!) We have visited family in Nebraska, Wyoming and Washington. We have been to Utah a few times and every year he takes a weekend trip to Salmon for steelhead fishing (without me :) ) I have been to Disneyland twice (without him) and I think I am way getting the better deal.
So tonight we are having a fancy date of Roadhouse and then maybe renting a movie. Wow. we are so exciting. :)

**And happy anniversary to Dave and Julie. We decided to get married on their anniversary. Well, not really. If anyone can tell me why we REALLY got married this day I may just have a goodie for you!


Hilary said...

Happy anniversary!

Desi said...

Happy Anniversary a little late.

I was actually there that day, and it was the first time I ever met you. I have no idea why you got married that day, but it might be interesting to find out :)