Thursday, October 9, 2008

This kid

is killing me :)

The 'garage sale' at the store has begun. It has been a pretty busy day and with Q here it can be interesting. So as soon as our first round of customers had come and gone Q decides he needs me for a minute. In fact he said 'I need you for a minute, Mom' and really, who can resist that? So off we go into the kitchen/crop area.

Please be aware that in this little room are our chairs that go in the front of the store, plus the only two tables we didn't bring out and all of the other chairs. The floor is in desperate need of a mopping and it all just a big jumble. Q winds his way through the chairs and such and tells me it is now my turn. I am waaaay bigger than this guy and had to chuckle. We moved a few things and he turns to me and says 'take a seat, mom. we need to talk.'

Okay, how do you NOT crack up? I smiled and he begins to tell me of a TV show he and Carson watched and it had poh-er bears on it and there were some mamonts but the mamonts were on a different show, but they had really cool hair cause they were woowee mamonts and do you fink a poh-er bear is tougher than a woowee mamont and someday he is going fishing again with his dad and grandpa and the brudders...for 15 minutes this boy talked. Many of you may have encountered moments with Ty who I can honestly say, is able to out-talk just about any girl in the world...twice. I am afraid this is going to happen again with Q. Yikes.

But he is pretty dang cute and I totally love his voice and mispronounciations (I almost types mispornounciations and that made me giggle again...easily amused am I.) And soon he will be 12 and I will look up to him (it's inevitable, folks...have you seen this boy?) and wonder where my baby went.
**sorry about the tilty picture, I can't get this program to turn it the right way.

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Hilary said...

so cute... I try to never correct the mispronunciations because I love them so and don't want them to stop....