Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about things that make me happy and things that frustrate me or make me grumpy. I have decided to list them, grumpies first so I can end this on a happy note.

1. Children who argue. I realize that there is a point where kids need to be able to express them selves to grow and learn and be able to find who they are. I get that. I do NOT get it when kids argue for no reason. Seriously, if I round up to 8:05 and it is only 8:03, don't argue with me. It will make me mad and I will not send you off to school in a happy mood. Promise. For that matter, just once a day, agree with me. Please.
2. Dirty dishes in my sink. When I was little (and younger) I would do the dishes by hand because dishwashers were for other people. Not sure why. I would pretend to be a princess trapped in a castle and to get away from the evil witch I had to wash the dishes. I think perhaps now I am the evil witch and dirty dishes are just little reminders of how bad I am at time management and that makes me grumpy. Plus, even if the rest of my hosue is trashed, a clean sink makes me smile.
3. People who drive slow while talking on their cell phones. There is a fabulous invention out called a blue tooth. Invest and use it.
4. PMS
5. The word 'economy.' I get that we are in this huge national crisis and everyone is going bankrupt and we are all losing our homes and cars and jobs and pretty soon they are taking Santa away. I get it. Stop reminding me.
6. Feeling like I am not enough. Of anything, and it can change daily. I am not enough of a cook to satisfy my children's ever changing pallets, not enough of a maid, not organized enough, not nice enough...whatever. I just don't like it.
7. Not being a fast scrapbooker. I know that sounds like a weird one, but when you have a store and need things done quickly for display, you need to be fast. I am not.
8. Facebook. I don't get it. I am on it. I have a few friends (hi, friends!) but I don't know why I have a garden and flowers and squirrels and what do I do with them (they are cute...) and I do apologize to those who don't like friends without pictures, but well, I have none...unless you just want a generic whatever one...that I can provide. Or boobs. It seems that Q's angle is about that high and so when he takes a picture that's the image I get. (I wonder if he is being paid by Jeff?) Can someone explain...cause I just want to play the games.
9. Homework. And teachers who write snotty notes on homework in response to polite questions about said homework. Seriously. Be nice to me cause you don't want me mad. And really, I probably know my kid better than you ever will. Take my advice.
10. My size.

Things that make me happy.
1. My kids. They totally crack me up (when a certain one is arguing with me about everything) especially Q because he is coming up with some doozy's lately.
2. A clean house. It makes everyone happy, it's just taking some time to figure out that if the house is clean and I am happy, so will they be.
3. Someone surprising me and taking out the trash. I am the only girl, I should not EVER have trash duty...or toilets :)
4. Clean laundry that has been folded and put away.
5. Date nights.
6. Flowers.
7. My boys all sleeping in their own beds (ahem, Q...this means you!)
8. Sleeping all night through!
9. The minute I get to turn off the alarm the day before a weekend or a day our of school.
10. Snow days :)
11. Watching my kids play sports. Even football. Go Ty, who got a PAT last week. Woohoo!
12. Watching my kids read.
13. Watching my kids teach each other something, or just hang out together.
14. That no matter where I am, the kids follow. It makes for an interesting Sunday afternoon nap. And we all laugh that if I sit down somewhere, because the boys are all either on me or touching me.
15. Backrubs.
16. Dumb jokes.
17. Jeff watching 'Scrubs'
18. Being my own boss.
19. Seeing old friends and having the feeling that you see them everyday, even when it is years.
20. Baking

That's not so bad. Notice how I did twice as many happy things? Sly, huh :)
Now it's your turn.


Hilary said...

I think you must read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!

I don't get Facebook either.

Desi said...

I love Facebook, but I don't get all into the Gardens and puppies and all that crap. I just love it because I've been able to reconnect with so many friends that I wouldn't have otherwise.

And, I'm a very slow scrapbooker. It bothers me too, but that's just the way I am. If we ever make it back there we should scrapbook together sometime.