Friday, October 24, 2008

Favorite TV time

So, I know you all are just dying to know what it is I love to watch on TV. Jeff will tell you I watch too much. I would agree. HOWEVER, in my defense there are only two shows I willingly ignore the kids for...
In no particular order here are my favorites.

The Mentalist.
Grey's Anatomy.
Private Practice.
Pushing Daisies. (I LOVE the colors of this show. LOVE them.)
Samantha Who?
Lipstick Jungle.
CSI: Miami (I like the other CSI's, but this is my favorite.)
Bones. (mmmm David Boreanaz)
Desperate Housewives.
Eli Stone.

Shows I do not enjoy:
Now, I realize I married the wrong guy to not like football. I will also admit to having a kind of crush on football for about 10 years until I married this guy. Now football means yelling at rowdy boys to be quiet, ignoring me, and no help with kids getting to bed...which is why I now don't enjoy football. Unless it is one of my kids. Then I am pleased to say I am starting to understand a few things. Like that Tyler's team rocks cause his first arena ball game was 36-0 and last nights game was 36-6.

As for all of the shows I's usually on the computer when I am doing displays. I create better when there is something on. Maybe that is why I am so slow...

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Hilary said...

Football makes me so crabby. Ugh. ANd it lasts SO LONG.

I like the Mentalist! I watch GA, PP, Surv, PD, SW, LJ and DH too....

I sure love DVR.