Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out of the mouths...

Every once in awhile I have to laugh.
Often it is at my children.
Sometimes it isn't appropriate.
For instance when Hunter was working on his cell project for one of his classes and asked if it is a 'rectum' or a 'reculum.'
That could go either way, folks.
I stifled my laughter and asked to what was he actually referring.
'Endoplasmic' something...
'Reticulum?' I asked.
Then I burst out laughing.

Today's nugget was from my Qboy.
We ran to Papa Kelsey's for lunch and Q got a drink with his meal.
He wanted root beer, to which I replied, okay but it will make you burp loud.
Fast forward 20 minutes when the customer in the store looks toward the kitchen with big eyes and Q comes walking out saying 'you are right, mom. That drink does make big burps!'
This lady only had one child, a girl. Can you imagine her at my house when all the boys are around?