Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wedding

So, as many of you know, my brother got married last Saturday.

It was gorgeous.

They held the ceremony and reception at the Shelton out by Rigby/Ririe and it was so much fun...the best part, I got to take the pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites...and yes, my brother is a dork.

He gets it from my other brother. :)
EDIT- per Desi's request :)
The family is all Jenny's. We have been having issues in emailing photos and so I uploaded a few of them here so they can print them off while they are on their honeymoon. I will probably add more when they get home since I may have a surprise or two for them when they get home and it is a secret :)
Top Pic: Jan and Tom (her parents)
Her whole family (brother, sil, niece and kids and her parents)
Troy, Jen and the kids with her brothers family
the rest are all various pictures of them messing around.
*back to the regularly scheduled spring break plan of screaming and threatening the boys...


JulieJ said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love it. How much do you charge if we went to park and snapped some pictures of my fam and kids? Is it better to wait until Spring?

Anonymous said...

TALENT! Very good pictures Tina. I am really impressed.

Lori Jolley said...

Beautiful photos Tina! You did a great job!

Bernadine Nel Cook said...

Those are gorgeous. You are talented
lady! The older guy is HOT!

Amberly said...

Tina those pictures are great! Good job!!

Tina said...

Thanks guys :)
Julie, I have no idea what I would charge. Maybe nothing as long as I could use some of them for a portfolio? As soon as it gets a little warmer I am up for it :)
Bernadine, he is really nice, too. This is Jen's step dad and he was really fun to meet :)
I would love to do more with photography...

Desi said...

The wedding looks beautiful...and the pictures are great!

You need to add names and relations though...I want to know who everyone is :)

Jan Stockon said...

Oh Tina!!! The photos are beautiful!! You've captured so much emotion, feeling and love in each picture!! Thanks!! We're looking forward to more of them!!!
Love, Jan and Tom

PS: Also love your blogspot and I have a new favorite song off the top of your playlist!

Anonymous said...

Tina, YOu are amazing! I'm not kidding, those pictures should be in your portfolio or on your Photographers blog. It was so fun to be with you at sweet Tyler's baptism. It was also fun meeting your family.

Hilary said...

they look great, Tina! What a beautiful bride!

stoner said...

Great pictures. You are very talented in many isn't fair! :D