Monday, March 30, 2009

More wedding pictures

Since the others got such rave reviews ;) I thought I would post more. Some of these I didn't post initially because I wanted to surprise Troy and Jenny with a couple framed when they got home.

As you will notice, I can't get my kids to look happy about pictures...this is the best one I could find, and it had to be B&W because little Ellie's bum was in it :)

And my family...I know I need to figure out something with the chairs in front. They bug me. This is my mom and dad, grandpa, sister and her family and brothers and their families. You will notice there are only three boys there that don't belong to of them is Hunter's 'not twin' who one of my nieces refers to as 'the other you' when she is talking to Hunter :)

Seriously, I loved taking these pictures and since they didn't take any bad pictures, it is really hard to choose which to put up.
Rough, isn't it :)


Julie said...

Amazing pic Time!!!! You are very good! TFS

stoner said...

I really like the pic of your boys on the stairs. "Q" looks like he is laughing about a secret joke.