Monday, March 23, 2009

Lessons in Primary

So Q and I were 'resting' yesterday afternoon and he was telling me a story. I asked him to repeat what he had said and his eyes started twinkling and he took his fingers and pulled them across his lips. I was kind of chuckling and asked what he was doing his reply 'I am zipping my lips and throwing away the zipper' which really made me laugh. I asked where he had learned to do this and he said 'in primary.'
Now, I know a few of the kids in the class (okay, I can think of 4, but one of them I just know the family she belongs to, not her actual name...the girls are all really cute and look a lot alike) so I say 'why did your teacher teach you this?' He said 'because we were talking too much' which again cracked me up. He isn't much of a talker at home. He talks, he just usually so much um, quieter than one of his brothers that he doesn't get heard a I asked who was talking. He rolled his eyes and said 'you know.' I was a bit confused because Ty was in my primary class, but I thought of a girl in the class, it was not C, and then I asked about a boy in the class and asked 'was it E-man?' He said 'yep.' I asked what teacher taught him this (because my kids do this a lot and it makes me laugh that he finally gets it after primary) and he said 'Teacher S.' :)
So, Teacher S, will you come teach this to a couple of my other kids? Well, just one.
And Teacher S, thanks for the laugh :)


Bernadine said...

So cute! I love the little things kids say! How are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I used to say that to my primary class ALL the time. It worked great!

stoner said...

I was scared of what "lesson" he may have learned yesterday--what a day! The lesson I thought he learned was "it is scary to see teacher go ballistic on her own kid"--who, I might add, ran away twice, into the hall, during sharing time. I think I am being punished...and I don't know why! :D

Q is a sweetheart--we both enjoy him in class. He is a mellow soul--he could teach my little minion a few things. :D

Tina said...

Teacher S, please don';t lett he dimples fool you...he is a minion as well. He just hides it in public...unless it's Walmart and Jeff is trying to get him out the door...not pretty.