Monday, July 27, 2009

photo overload

Many moons ago my friend Mary asked if I would be willing to do family photos.
I said sure...her family is great to take picures of because every one of them is gorgeous.
...oh yeah, she said, the WHOLE Jones family.
36 of them.
So I did.
It went so well!
I have heard reports that everyone was pleased with their shots.
That, my friends, is always a good thing!
The best part, I think they were all surprised at how quickly and painlessly it went.
Another good thing, because as you know, guys aren't so keen on getting their pictures taken.
I think I set a record for the fastest editing of the most least for me.
Mary was willing to dish up food for my kids.
I think it freaked Carson out becuase he came down to make sure it was okay to eat what she put on his plate :)
Enjoy these pictures, I know I do...


Amanda Gibson said...

Cute, cute!

Amberly said...

Those are great pictures! I need to hire you for pictures and bathroom remodeling! Your bathroom project looks great!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Tina! Love them all.