Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quilt Giveaway :)

So I will tell anyone who asks that I don't quilt.

Or sew.

But that might be just the teeniest of fibs.

Because I do.

Both, actually.

I just don't like to admit it.

I think it's because I don't do them well and there are actually a few things that I am really um, uptight about.

Not that you can tell.

Four kids and a husband will do that to you.

If I had my closet cleaned out, shirts would be hung by color, shirt sleeves first then long sleeves.


Towels would be organized by which day of the week they are used and my dress shoes would be organized by style, comfort and season.

It could get ugly.

I won't even start talking about the kitchen and the pantry/food storage.

So, I stifle my inner freak as best I can and try and be more of a mom and less of a pain.

So far it seems to be working.

Anyway, this blog is actually about the quilt in the picture.

It's gorgeous.

And up for giveaway.

The store is up in Rigby and is called The Quilt Shoppe. I am so wanting to go up! Maybe next week when I have some 'free' time. Ha.
This blog has more information about it :) She is even the one who made it. Pretty, huh :)
Good luck! I hope I win ;)

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The Freed Family said...

Kati Cupcake is my father-in-laws daughter's shop....if that makes sense. :) Her name is Amy. That quilt is darling. Good luck. Joy has been wanting to go up to that shop for should go together cause she doesn't like to shop alone, plus it would be more fun. I wish I knew how to sew or had enough ambition to learn.