Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tamron Lens Contest

This blog: is giving away a Tamron lens. You get to choose which of the two lenses you would like best...the 18-270mm (for a crop sensor Nikon or Canon) or the 28-300mm (for a full frame Nikon or Canon) if you are chosen as the winner.
To enter is simple. There are a couple of questions to answer and there you go...
Now, I personally would choose the 28-300. Why? So many sports, my friends, so many sports. And it's hard to get close to the action when you are down field or your kid is in the outfield, you know. Plus, some of you may remember when my lens (70-300) broke at Hunter's band concert last year...when the snotty lady suggested I ought not drop a lens AFTER she bumped into me and knocked it out of my hands....and I almost beat her with it. Remember?
Maybe not.
It's probably best if you don't.
Anyway, I am having serious lens envy right now and either one of these would fit really nicely into my camera bag.


Anonymous said...

oooohh, I think I would have beat her right then and there. Cool thanks for the link...I hope you {ahem...I} win :)

Bernadine said...

Make zucchini the lens and if you don't, go and buy one.