Thursday, September 4, 2008

First things first

I have been informed that I never announced what ended up

happening with Cody's team. These guys did awesome. They were plagued by a few errors that cost them one game and I think Cody must have had a record of some sort because he was hit 5 (FIVE) times. Twice by the same team in sequential at bats...the only team that beat them. Huh...suspicious me thinks. He took a short turn as pitcher and played 3rd and short stop. He was awesome at short stop. Now, I realize that Jeff and I were not there, but I KNOW he did well because we listened to the radio guy. Plus, he's Cody, which makes all the difference in the world ;)

They ended up second. Not too shabby considering the last game was rained out for a whole day and the guys were so tired. I'm pretty sure we're proud of him.

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