Friday, July 30, 2010


So I know there are a million and eighty six things I need to photo sittings, our summertime season...tons of stuff, but tonight I feel nostalgic.
My Grandpa Baughman passed away December 5, 1996. Hunter was six months old. It was shocking and hard to believe a life without him in it. He had been bowling and hunting right up until the night he had a massive heart attack and my Grandma performed CPR to bring him back. He had driven Hunter and I into the cabin on a snow machine the week before...I got my gift of gab from him. He didn't know a stranger.
My Grandma Taylor passed away in April of 2005. Honestly, I can't remember the date. It was within a week of her birthday. It was a beautiful, graceful passing of someone who had fiercely battled cancer until it went to her brain. My sister and one of my brothers and I went over to her house one night and spent the evening just chatting. I know there are things I should have asked, but I also know there will time for that someday. I got my gift for boys from her.
My Grandma Baughman passed away January 25, 2009 a few days before her birthday. She too, had been fighting cancer and while it seemed to be in remission, she went to bed one night and didn't wake up. It shocked us as well. Although, truly, what a great way to go. At home, in your own bed, in a way that was still dignified. I got my nursing license from her...
I miss them all. Every. day.
My Grandpa Taylor is still alive and kicking. He is currently living in a rehab hospital, and thinking about moving home. He cracks me up. He's pretty sure that he can whatever he damn well pleases, even though many of us really wonder about it all...I got my stubborn-ness from him.
So, tonight, my dad and a couple of uncles and my youngest brother all went to Grandpa's to help him clean out his garage and figure out if moving home is actually feasible...they filled a dumpster. Just out of his garage. (I am telling you, this pack rat stuff is hereditary...I am the least of it and well, I want to be even more less of one, but it's a time thing for me right now.)
Anyway, on his way home tonight, my dad called.
He had some treasures for me.
A fanatastic old trunk. It even has the removable shelf in it. And a ton of old fabric. Some with the patterns still attached. I wonder if Grandma was working on a project and one of her kids needed her...she had 6 boys and one girl who lived. She lost two other boys...can you see where I get my predicament? Between Jeff's family and mine I had NO chance :)
An empty foot locker. I'm pretty sure one of my boys will LOVE that.
An old suitcase...with fabric in it :)
And a wonderful old picture frame full of possibilities, but no pictures...yet...
I know Jeff will wake up and look at my treasures and see more junk. More stuff to clutter our house. And I will reassure him that someday, I will get rid of a lot of it.
Because that is my plan.
But it's boring to clean by myself...
But tonight, I will be content with the fact that one day, my kids and grandkids may appreciate the same treasures I do. And perhaps, one day, they will each be able to claim a gift from me. Possibly my love of photography, or art. The ability to draw. Perhaps a quick reader or someone who empathizes with others.
Possibly, a smart mouth...
Who knows. But tonight, I feel nostalgic.

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♥jada said...

Tina, that was a beautiful post. I loved reading about our Grandma and Grandpa. It was very sweet.