Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy stamps, Batman!!!!

Let me preface this by saying I NEVER win anything. Ever. Not since 10th grade when I was an honorable mention in this statewide art contest for high the fabulous Donna Downey put a giveaway up on her blog for some new stamps that have been created using some of her canvas paintings...I won. I am so totally stoked about it that I want to scream. you will see it right there...silly little post.
Totally freakin' out over here at i scrap....
if you hear screaming, it's just me. Excited. Cause I won. And I NEVER win. (oh, and I won a SLICE last February at CHA from MM...but before that...10th grade. Seriously.)
PS does anyone know how to link with just a name or a word instead of the whole fadooey???

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Lori Ann said...

WOOHOOO I am totally stoked for you! I am off to check out your prize.

type the words you want to use as the link then highlight them, click on the hyperlink tab (the one that looks like chain links) then type in the url. and you have a link! Call me if that doesn't make sense!