Wednesday, June 4, 2008

12 years experience

So Thursday (the 29th) was my 12th anniversary as a mom. Yes, folks, my baby is now 12.
Not a whole lot happened for the poor boy. Opened a few gifties and that's about it. We had his family party Saturday night where he opened a few more gifties and played with cousins...and uncles. Have I mentioned my brothers are a lot like kids? I will have to figure out how to upload video, because this is truly a site to see.
On the bright side I learned that I make a fantastic Cheesecake Factory style Pumpkin Cheesecake...the birthday boys' favorite kind....mmmmm it was so good!
Jeff and I completed our neighborhood Biggest Loser. He came in first and I came in second in the weight loss part. He was first in inches, our neighbor was second. I'm not sure how I did in inches because what I measured prior to going to the weigh and what she measured me at were two totally different numbers. Weird. All in all, I have about 25 more to go.
So, we have one more soccer game left and little league is winding up. Pitching machine is just starting and our first game reminded me of a lot of little things that need to be worked say, throwing and catching. Fairly important parts of playing baseball, you know. Plus, these guys need to run like the wind...for the most part I think they did well. We only had a couple who were obviously bored in the outfield...that's not bad considering baseball can be kind of boring.
We are on the hunt for WiiFit. I totally want that! Jeff is planning to put the winnings from Biggest Loser toward that little bundle of joy. I would LOVE something that would challenge me that I can do at home whenever I want.
So off to baseball I go. Have a good one!

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Lori Ann said...

congrats to you both! That ROCKS!