Thursday, June 19, 2008

So...what are YOU feeding...

I do believe this is the new ice breaker in my little corner of the world. Sometimes creepy, rarely uttered by myself, and always with that little fear that the other person's critter will be cooler than yours.
Now, this is usually only asked when standing at the cricket compound at PetSmart. Otherwise people can usually tell by the frantic look in my eyes at the grocery store that I am feeding boys so they usually don't ask. But crickets are a whole 'nother story...
There are so many creatures that enjoy a tasty cricket morsel or two. For us, it is the lizards eating them...I think they are gross stinky bugs that move too quickly...Mike, Spiro and Killer tend to we buy them by the hundred-ish each week. Some dusted, some not and then we watch as each of our guys (and possible girl as we have seen the odd egg here and there) go to town on the poor guys.
So folks, we are feeding two anoles and a long tailed...the long tailed is super cool as he belongs to me. My guys picked him out for my birthday. :) His name is Mike.

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Desi said...


I wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog the other day. It was a difficult thing to get out there, but I'm glad I did.

I feel like I know you more than I should with how little we really know each other. I think the scrapbook connection, along with growing up with your husband, and occasionally reading your blog has made me feel like I do know you. I would love someday to actually get to know you better in real life.

I just read on your blog about Darren's's been a while ago, how is she? We will definitely pray for her!

Take care,