Friday, May 1, 2009

All jumbled

So I feel like I have a lot to say, but can't get the words out.
Some of them are really tender for me and I am not sure I want to share them.
Right now I am feeling behind. Not sure why...I have a nice little list of things I need to do, butit isn't overwhelming...I hate feeling behind! Maybe it's cause I didn't get my dishes done before the kids left for school.
Maybe it's cause I was awake for an hour when Q came in after waking from a nightmare.
I have most of our sharing time planned, just need to do the gathering.
I have the grocery list done and our budget planned for the next two weeks...maybe I will even post that elusive menu.
Two words I hate, diet and budget.
One phrase I hate 'what's for dinner.'
I need to get Carson's birthday planned a little better. It's next Friday and he wants to GO SOMEWHERE which usually results in a headache for me. :) It looks like it may be the Paramount...we'll see if anything good will be playing.
My cute little four year old just came in really excited to show me he is wearing spider mans underwear...I hope he doesn't REALLY mean spider man's.
Jeff found a gift card to Edward's...we (meaning he) usually misplaces them moments after getting them, but in this case it is fine because we are going to watch Hot Hugh tonight...wait, I mean I am going on a date with my hot husband to watch a comic book guy ;)
So in closing I would like to pass on a little nugget from Q.
Yesterday we were playing his new favorite game "kerplunk" and he was rambling about something and it hit me he would not be four forever (duh, right?) so I told him I would miss him being four. He rolled his eyes (ahhhh the joys of older brothers) and said 'mom, you are just going to have to get used to it. Soon I will be five and seven and eighteen and then 27 and 49 and 71 and you will just have to watch me.'
Sweet little guy.

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