Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a fine line...

I love Coke. Coca Cola. Liquid Satan. Empty calories. It makes me happy.
I hate coke. Feeling bloated. Rotten teeth. Caffeine headache.

I love sleeping in.
I hate feeling like I am missing something, Waking to my boys loudly discussing how cool they all are.

I love ice cream.
I hate the weight that just multiplies each time I put a spoonful in my mouth.

I love living in a culdesac. Almost every one of my kids has someone to play with the minute they walk out the door.
I hate living in a culdesac...and trying to dodge bikes, cars, kids and toys when trying to drive anywhere ;) I am very afraid of hitting someone or something. And sometimes, it makes me mad.

I love summer.
I hate summer. It ends too soon.

I love being a creative soul.
I hate that before I feel like I can BE a creative soul, I have to do mundane things like housework.

I love taking pictures.
I hate that my computer with the PSE program on it is clear downstairs. :)

I love my kids.
I love my husband.
I hate when they ask me what's for dinner :)

I am sure there is more. I am procrastinating and I really have no time for that! I took pictures for my niece who graduates Monday, yesterday and need to get them edited so she will have something to pass out! I think I am not the only one who procrastinated as well, I just was asked on Monday. :) Good to know there are others like me in the world!

*photo is of one of the areas where we did pictures on the 'Snate Reebert' as Ty used to say :)


stoner said...

I love Pepsi....and I hate Pepsi...for the same reasons.

I love a clean house...but I hate cleaning house.

I love my children and husband but hate when they mess up the newly cleaned house. Why can't someone invent a self-cleaning house? I would be in heaven!

I agree with everything you said. I enjoy your is very refreshing.

Tina said...

Dang, I forgot the clean house one. Maybe becuase I never quite achieve it?

lori said...

I especially love the hate it when they ask me what's for dinner. Why do they do that? Here's my answer: "We're having food."
I know - I'm such a snot !

Bernadine said...

I love readying your blogs...How are you chickie?

Anonymous said...

I love when Dave ask me about my day. I hate when he asks me what I did all day.

This was a great post!