Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm thinking about...

How friggin much laundry we do in this house and what a pain it is to fold and put away.

Whether or not the weather will change at the very last moment and cause another baseball cancellation (although Hunter's was merely postponed last night.)

Why it takes me so long to accomplish anything.

Whether or not I can talk Jeff into taking the boys camping on his week off this month...maybe for like two nights even :) That would make me sooooo happy.

Why it is that when I plan to finish something it never quite happens, i.e. baby gifts for my neighbors that are sitting on my table half finished (sorry, girls...there really is something coming!) my craft room that is kind of better than it was a month ago, the basement which is a challenge all it's own...

Why I am soooo tired lately. IT could be my status of over weight...

How much I really want to share a lot of pictures I have taken lately, but to go downstairs and upload images off the good computer will resuly in children fighting, the house being destroyed and my patience being frazzled beyond belief.

What it is like to be the parent of a teen.

Should we or should we not get a puppy...Jeff is totally against it, but I think if the right one came along he would allow it...but right now I have a 15 year old 'grandma cat' the neighbors pet and chase incessantly (it's cute to me, not so much for her) that may have a heart attack if a puppy came on the scene.

How much I want to push for a photography job...Jeff says no, I say good pocket money :)

How many thousands of dollars I could spend on lenses. I have serious lens envy.

How many thousands of dollars I could spend on plastic surgery, clothes and books :)

That I really need to get all of those projects finished that I can't seem to get done because maybe, just maybe I am on the computer too much.

I am leaving you with a picture that is thirteen years old...yes, I do look 12. I can assure you, I was not.


lori said...

Whew! I was worried you were thinking about babies!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture. You do look so very young. I looked really young with Kayt. I actually had people think I was a teen pregnancy.

stoner said...

Don't forget that you are fabulous!

It was good to see you the other are always so friendly and happy.

Speaking of overweight, I was at Kmart and thought they had installed funhouse mirrors. It wasn't until I forced my daughter to stand in front of me that I realized the horrible truth....I need to lose a few....or more than a few. Oh the joy!

Kim Rose said...

I thought it meant you were thinking of babies too. I remember seeing that pic before. I can't believe he is that old.
Hang in there. Sounds like your brain runs a mile a mintue like the rest of us!
Oh.. and I agree with your envy for lenses!