Saturday, June 13, 2009

Around my house

Since the store closed I have been trying to catch up on the past year of not being around.
There are a lot of places that need my attention.
For instance, the laundry room. Either one of the storage rooms. The garage where the remaining store crap is stored (yes, I will be doing some sort of garage sale/come get all of this for really good deals sale at some point...hopefully sooner than later!) my bedroom...the list is never ending.
Did I mention my craft room?
The problem, my friends, lies in the fact that the majority of these places are NOT in the kitchen or even upstairs.
My boys, lovely beings that are dear to me and have my heart completely (even the 6'2" one) tend to want my attention and will do everything possible to get it. Including but not limited to the following; wanting food, whining about a brother who has sorely wronged whichever boy is doing the whining, the disability to find anything thereby requiring me to drop everything so that I can find it...the list goes on, these guys are pretty cunning. And cute, which only hinders my cause.
So, I take pictures.
Lots of pictures.
And occasionally create something that I can do upstairs in the middle of the tornado.
Then in a fit of needing some girl time (that does not include the time waster of a Mary Kay party okay, so I love to have visitors, friends, family whatever...I hate making people feel obligated to buy something from me, especially when it is something like Mary Kay where all you have to do to find a consultant is stand on a street corner and ask the first passerby for information... Particularly one who roles her eyes when one of my children needs his momma and interrupts her spiel that I have already heard eleventy bazillion times.) So, in a fit of needing girl time (that last sentence was such a run-on!) I escape to my craft room only to spend hours on facebook and download/upload photos...
So, here are the photos from top to bottom:
*The day the rains came. This was my first official day as a mom of a teenager. We had the great idea to have a Bonzai party, my brother brought his slipnslide and we set up our toy and yeehaw...until every one of the 12 grandkids was soaked and it started raining and having thunder and lightening. And it hasn't stopped. Sorry.
*My brat cat. This is not the Grandma cat, if you are wondering. This is Gryffin. He is a punk. And a bird killer. He is also sweet and tolerant of almost all of the kids who maul him and love on him all day :) He really seems to enjoy it.
*Hunter's wumpyre bite. We joke that he didn't really get hit by the ball, he got bit by James :) If you look closely at the top of the circle you can see the stitching. Sad bit of information, he didn't even get to take a base cause he was swinging at the time and his arm is just an extension of the bat.
*We celebrated two birthdays in May...well, there were a lot more, but there were two of our boys with May birthdays.
*A double rainbow. I think it was last Monday. So beautiful.
*My garden jungle before it got planted outside. We actually have a few plants coming up :)
*Dragons and a four year old :)
*A chair I bought, painted and recovered. I may try to find a few more...or I may get bored with these colors and repaint sometime. Or both. It's inexpensive and fun :)
*I finally got my neighbors baby blankets to them :) I really wanted to keep them, but no one in my family is that small any more.
*And last but not least. A Bakugan. I know, it's a funny place to put one. I laughed when I saw it :) It reminds me that I havae sons because it is always so quiet here I forget.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I didn't see that rainbow. It is magnificant! My two boys can't find a darn thing, even when it is right in front of their faces.

Bernadine said...

I love your photos. Lets have a multi-chick craft sale.

JulieJ said...

We love Capri's blanket. It's so soft and cuddly. Thanks so much.

Marilyn said...

The bakugan cracks me up....yes my boys figured that one out too, metal corners, COOL! Seriously need to do lunch!