Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear 'Sports Photography' Lady

A few things need to be addressed.

1. It is unprofessional to assume that because it is raining, people are not waiting for you. You should really keep in contact with the coach.

2. When taking individual pictures, please believe the mom. At least this mom. When I tell you that the shot you just took is the best it's going to get please don't push it. You will end up with a face that is something between constipation and trying to work a big something out. It isn't pretty. But it will make you laugh. Trust me on this.

3. You are expensive for what you offer.

4. Seriously, when you have a group of kids, particularly boys under the age of 9, you can't just tell them to line up and expect good composition or compliance. You have to be in charge. once, again, trust me on this.

5. Just because you have a nice camera and a website does not mean you should be a photographer.

That is all.
Have a nice day.


Anonymous said... I want to see the picture! I would say you need to be the photography lady next season!

stoner said...

You tell her!

I, too, want to see the picture now! If it is anything like my daughter's recent group photo, it will be magical. :P

Tina said...

The photo I am referring to was actually his first grade school picture. It is sad that he will be immortalized with that face, but man it makes me laugh!