Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mary Kay

My neice just started selling Mary Kay.

She is coming to my house Monday afternoon at 1 to do 'my face' and will do anyone else who wants to show up.

If you do, just leave me a comment and I will make enough cupcakes to share.

If you don't no worries.

I won't hold it against you.

Much ;)
And, for the CGCC, this is not my 'day.' I will have more info on that at a later date...Joy, did you want to trade? That will influence my plans greatly :)
And, if you want to come, you can bring your kids.
I plan to lock them outside, rain or shine.
Not really.
Unless it's sunny and over 75.
Then they can have popsicles.


Joy said...

i decided to keep August but thanks for being willing to trade

Bernadine said...

I have blahs too. Maybe it is the weather... I love Mary Kay but am busy Monday, eat a cupcake for me...mmm. I miss you!