Saturday, June 20, 2009


Jeff and I were searching for four or five leaf clovers in our clover patch last night.
You see, we have a ton of clover and a ton of four + three patches that Carson refuses to mow.
The smallest patch (the one we were looking in) is about 4 feet in diameter. Q wandered over to help us look.
Out of nowhere he jumps across the whole patch. From a sit to a stand to across. Just like that.
Jeff and I start laughing and Jeff asks how he did that big of a jump.
"I am magical," he said :)
I love four!


stoner said...

I love Q's haircut. I walked up to him today and said, "Q! I didn't even recognize you! You are so handsome!"

He said, " was long. I am always handsome though." What a crackup!

Anonymous said...

He is cute! Fun stage! Your boys looked handsome today at church.

Tina said...

Oh man! He said that? He cracks me up. I personally like their hair longer, but Jeff was shaving his, so the boys all wanted their's done.

Hilary said...

how cute!

Amanda Gibson said...

How cute. About 99.9% of the time I like being the mother of a teenage boy so much more than being the mother of a little boy - but then I remember "magical" little moments like that and I change my mind. But just for a second.