Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever have a situation that requires a decision be made but you don't want to be the decider?
I have one of those.
Potentially, it is nothing. It may have just been a simple request from an old friend. Someone who noticed me and thought 'hey haven't seen her for awhile' and went from there.
However, I am a super paranoid person and I will expect the worst. Everytime.
So, this is a dilemma that must have an answer.
It's unfair to just ignore it.
And I do try to be fair.
But what if this eventually leads to something more. Not THAT kind of something, but an extremely uncomfortable kind of something that I would really just rather avoid if possible.
I'm vague.
I know.
And really, no more details will come out, which is probably just making it more of a curiosity for those of you who are curious.
Off to start my jam, worry, clean my room and possibly come up with an answer.


Bernadine said...

WHAT!!!???? I adore

Amberly said...

I am confused about your post. Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Hope the jam turned out!!

stoner said...

Good luck--I hope you are able to figure things out!