Tuesday, April 28, 2009


a couple of weeks ago when I apologized for going outside in my robe...this is the reason I was out.
I think it is so pretty to see those little droplets...kind of fresh and happy.
I will have baseball pictures sometime. Games started for us last night and will be a constant for us until the end of June.
And maybe I will get my menu up.
When I get it made.
The first week of baseball is kind of a fly by the seat of your pants week.
It doesn't help to have sick kids and a sick husband.
Yes, actually, I am tired of illness.
Why do you ask?
Is it my charming (crabby) personality?

Enjoy the droplets :)


Amanda Gibson said...

Awesome picture, Tina.

Amberly said...

Beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. I think it was worth going out in your robe.

stoner said...

Gorgeous....I can see why you went out while you were sick and took this picture.