Monday, April 27, 2009

Over the weekend

We went to Rigby to celebrate my Grandpa's 88the birthday. He still lives alone...despite the few attempts to strongly suggest he go into assisted living...not because he can't take care of himself, but for companionship and well, help.
But, despite the pleasant time spent with cousins and siblings and aunts and uncles, I am talking about something else.
My son.
He makes me so proud.
Which one?
Oh yeah :)
The one who looks like Jeff...
Which one?
Oh, I knew you would ask that :)
Carson is the one I am speaking of this time.
We drove past our old house last night on the way home. This house was so special to me because it is the one we bought jsut before we got married. We brought two babies home to it and it was way nicer than Jeff ever thought we would have (which has now been replaced by our current house.)
On the fence to the backyard, on the side where we put the dog kennel back when we had a dog, is a 'beware of dog' sign. On top of the fence over where the kennel is, were a bunch of tarps and plywood pieces. I made the comment that it must be a pretty aggresive dog to warrent that much wood and safety stuff.
The boys began asking why and we discussed the whole concept of dog fighting and cruelty to animals and such.
Tyler wanted to know why anyone would do it. I told him my honest answer 'no clue' Carson replied with this little gem.
"Tyler, have you ever heard of man's best friend? Yeah, we are going to be men and never take part in that kind of cruelty."
I confess, I teared up.


Anderton Family said...

What a sweet boy. I love it!

Amberly said...

Way to raise a good boy!!

stoner said...

What a mature comment. How old is he again? Very impressive....he needs to teach all the men who love that horrible sport!

The pic of him is are very talented.