Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a dream...

you all may now break out into Abba song...
So I am a dork and really like Abba.
I saw Mamma Mia with a couple of really good friends after I saw the performance in Vegas with my sister.
My kids sing Dancing Queen.
And Mamma Mia...
It especially cracks me up when it is Q singing :)

So I really didn't plan to blog on Abba love today.
I have a proposition...
No, not that kind.
How about this:
Every week, Sunday night or Monday morning...or maybe late Saturday (who knows...) I will put up my weekly menu. If you are interested you may copy it for your menu.
HOWEVER, I have another plan (dream, if you will) that would be REALLY cool. I will put a weekly menu up, and several of you can put a weekly menu up and we can all copy and get a whole month of weekly menus at once. So simple!
If you are interested, leave a comment and if yo uare a private blogger and haven't invited me (shame on you! you really should invite me, I do leave comments sometimes) you can just email me yours and I will post it on mine and we can all linky here.
Does that sound fun?

Also, I am working on my cleaning schedule.
Monday and Thursday I will do the bathrooms. They do in fact take all day. Four boys, remember?
Tuesday and Friday I will do laundry...unless it is bed linens and those can be whenever...or garments. Why do I run out of those buggers? It's not like I don't have a gazillion.
Sunday I will cook a meal :)
Saturday I will go to football games.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will go to baseball games. Starting Monday. Pray for no wind. I hate baseball in the wind.

I will vacuum Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday if the home teachers are coming over ;)
Dishes will be done by someone everyday.
If they are big dishes it will be me because everyone else is a fink and gets out of it. Mostly because I have a lot of stoneware and don't want it borken. Broken, even.
I also should exercise.
This 45+ isn't coming off on my wishes, dadgumit.
And maybe keep a notebook of all of the crap I eat.
Baseball is notorious for me eating crap foods.
Any sundry jobs such as wall washing or baseboard cleaning or cabinet scrubbing can be done on Saturdays when I want to torure my kids...or they can be punishment! HA :)

Am I forgetting anything?


Anonymous said...

nice schedule, now try and stick to it! ;)

my house has been severely neglected this past 2 weeks! I was an hour late today, just because I actually attacked the dishes and it took me an hour! wah wah, just whining because I still have a store!

Desi said...

I can't help you with the cleaning...but we have been known to break out into ABBA songs at any random time during the day, depending on if what we are doing warrents it...ha ha I don't think you're all that weird.

Amberly said...

I like your plan, I am not organized enough to make a cleaning/cooking plan. I would love to see your menu, maybe I could get some ideas!

stoner said...

Like Amberly, I would love to see your menus. Maybe that would motivate me to make my own and share in the future....we can hope!

I like Abba too....haven't seen Mama Mia yet. Is it worth watching?

Amanda Gibson said...

Yea, so I won't be torturing all you participating menu people with MY menu - mostly because I can't cook to save my life. And anything I DO cook mostly comes out of some sort of box. Especially since Jeff's been working out of town every week. Poor Jeffery's been eating corn dogs and frozen pizza a lot. But - in my defense - I can't eat the same stuff as the kid and it would really be a waste of money (and food) to cook two seperate meals for only two people. Know what I mean? Anyway - long story, well, long - I'm not sharin' my menu. Unless you want to feed your kids frozen, boxed stuff. But I AM looking forward to seeing your menu. Mostly so I can be reminding of my crappy parenting (and cooking) skills.