Monday, April 6, 2009


who knew? Apparently, I have hit 100 posts. So this is 101.
Isn't that nice.
Today I did this:
got the boys up, had them shower and got them out the door.
went back to bed.
went to the bathroom (more than once)
went to get a drink of water (more than once)
watched a little of the Jessica Simpson story...fascinating (insert HUGE eyeroll)
talked to my mom and sister and husband on the phone (in bed of course)
paid the gas company...on the phone
rescheduled Carson's orthodontist appointment that is a month late cause someone forgot about it (on the phone)
went back to bed...oh wait, never got out of bed...
gave Q a tub so he could run errands with my mom
texted Jeff off and on
read blogs
walked into kitchen (to get above drink of water, looked at dirty dishes piled in sink...walked out)
got mad cause my email is all jacked up again...I may be changing my email address so watch for details :)
did not get angry at sweet neighbor boy breaking into our backyard to confiscate a rarely used toy...we seriously need to fix that is highly dangerous in our yard right now cause it needs some intense clean up and I really don't want any injured that we don't even know is back I am dog sitting for a few days and this little girl will escape
I did shower
I drove Hunter to his first baseball practice of the season
Today is the opening day of case you were waiting on pins and needles to know that.
I talked to my neighbor for all of 23 seconds and hopefully she didn'tcatch whatever conglomerate of crap I have...cause it is rotten and you will feel like donkey and you will not sleep and you will keep your husband awake snoring.
So there you have it.
In case you are wondering, I have huge black circles under my eyes, my hair is blech, I put on perfume, but not sure that helped, but I tried.
As soon as Jeff gets home I am going back to bed. Enough is enough and I have shows to catch up on...via the laptop.
Plus DWTS is on :)
If any of you are under the impression that I actually accomplish anything, you can share this blog with your husbands and feel perfectly happy with yourselves and what you got done today because it had to be more than what I got done.


JulieJ said...

Was it my child breaking into the backyard? Sorry if it was. Feel better soon.

stoner said...

I have to admit that I loved your post. Sadly, I have had this day many times and could totally relate.

I hope you get feeling better soon. As you put, I felt like "donkey" all day Saturday. I couldn't even lift my head without a real effort.

I know I am late, but I hope you had a Happy B-day!

Tina said...

Julie, it was not your child. And honestly I have concern for their safety :) It scares me back there. And yours went home to ask, I think :)
Stoner...I felt like that Saturday as well, but i kept blaming it on the 'exercise' I had done Friday...going up and down the stairs while editing wedding pics...see how out of shape and delusional I am :)

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading this!