Monday, April 20, 2009

Rear Access Open

Oddly enough...that was the best part of my day Saturday.

Hunter was at a campout.

Jeff was at work.

Carson had baseball from 930-10.

Tyler had a football game at 3.

Plenty of time to run to Porters, Walmart and start cleaning out my flower beds...except it wasn't.

You see, my battery in the suburban died again. Twice.

In the parking lot at a gas station.

the first time a really nice guy in a truck started it, I headed out (the plan was to do all of this errand running sans dad had a project for them to help with and my mom wanted out of her house.) of the parking lot and bleah W#$%&#$ curse words and such. We waited 20 minutes for my dad to come rescue us...oddly, all of the samaritans were out running their own errands and had to time for us...

So two hours later, I had a new truck battery, a full belly and no errands run.

We ended up at Town and of my favorite stores...where I found a pack of happy pansies for my front steps...and ripped open a bag of potting soils AS SOON AS I got it loaded in my truck. Nice.

Tyler lost his game.

I forgot half of my grocery list.

Q's fever got worse...

Took Q to doctor and sure enough, strep. If anyone hasn't had strep in their house let me just say that strep has a smell. Kids talk funny, their breath stinks and my kids spike nasty fevers 103.6 to be exact...after doses of tylenol and motrin and oddly, fever seizures occur.

The pharmacies in town all close at 7 on Saturday. At least all those that accept our insurance and flex cards.

So, at 8pm I found myself and my sick kid driving 30 mph down 17th street with a tree hanging out the back. Did I mention my brother does landscaping and had a tree for me? Yeah. It's big. So as I was headed down 17th I was absolutely sure my tree (that was well secured) was going to kamakaze out of the back wreaking havoc on all of the poor saps behind me. And my 'rear access open' light kept flashing.



Bernadine Nel Cook said...

Hey Chickie! Glad you are well and busy. Come visit the new lambs!

stoner said...

Your posts always crack me up....because I read it and think...."Yep...been there....oh yeah....and there too...."

It is nice to know I am in good company!

Amberly said...

That sounds like a crappy Saturday. When are you guys going to catch a break from all the sickness?

Amanda Gibson said...

Wow - sounds like you had an eventful Saturday. Look on the bright side - it's over now! Another now you have a whole nother other Saturday to look forward to!


Amanda Gibson said...

Holy crap - I'm having some blog posting problems today. Mostly because I'm a spaz. I put an "another" in that last comment that wasn't supposed to be there. It's just a random "another" I guess....

Amy said...

Did anyone take you up on your "rear access open"?