Sunday, April 12, 2009

He listened

Tonight as we sat down for our Easter dinner I asked each of the boys if they could remember what Easter is all about and if they could tell us...besides Easter baskets and egg hunts and barbecues at Grandma's.
Quin said 'I know mom.'
I smiled a little indulgently and said 'what is Easter about, Q?'
He then proceeded to tell me that they took Jesus out of the Garden and put him up on the wood. Then he died and they put him in the tunnel. Angels let him out of the tunnel and now he is alive again.
Jeff looked up at me and with a bit of a wry grin said 'it looks like someone was listening.'
I still have tears thinking about it. He is such an innocent child and while the candy and yoyo were cool...and he got a new 'very own' cup, he can bring me to tears with his interpretation of the most amazing thing any man has ever done.
I am so thankful for this boy. He truly is a blessing to me.


Marilyn said...

That is so sweet, I was so busy coloring eggs and making dinner yesterday, we didn't get around to that discussion. Maybe for FHE. Haven't talked to you forever, I need a scrappin buddy when you get feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. What a very smart sweet thing for Q to say. I wonder what my little one would say...

Desi said...

WOW...what an amazing little boy!

stoner said...

You are right....he is a sweet boy!

I thought it was comical that he called the tomb a "tunnel". It looks like a tunnel....makes sense. My 4-year-old thought it was a cave and worried that a bear might be living inside.

It is funny what little kids come up with sometimes. What amazes me though, is they really seem to retain the important things even when it feels like their not paying attention. Keep up the good work!