Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do you

manage your time?
Do you plan things out very carefully on a calendar?
Do you fly by the seat of your pants and hope you hit everything?
Do you have certain days when you clean certain things?
Do you work all morning to play all afternoon?
I know at this point in my life I should be much better organized about a few things.
I am just proud of the fact that my kids generally have clean clothes and the bathrooms get done twice a week...most weeks.
Do your kids do jobs?
Does it make you crazy that it takes them twenty times longer and isn't always quite right or are you happy to have them learning responsibilty?
What is your busy time?
I know I am asking a lot of questions.
Call me Tyler.
This is our busy season...we have two baseball teams and one football team which basically means a game or multiple practices every day of the week except Sunday.
We also have 3 scout groups.
There is a lot going on beginning at 4:oo every day (except Saturday which begins the hour before whatever time the game is.)
Do you schedule your mornings very specifically?
Enough I suppose...but please answer :)

Oh and I am hoping to get enough kids together to make a pitching machine team. This is the boys or girls ages 7-8 or any others that missed the cut off for Little League or Cal Ripkin. Let me know if you are interested.


JulieJ said...

I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants. I clean when and what I want to clean. I try to get the mininmun done so I can play. I wish I was more organized. Let me know if you find the answers.

Joy said...

You were going home and to bed--Jeff must have been snoring :)
As for all of your questions--I try to do all of my work in the morning so that the afternoon is free. IT doesn't always work but I try. I do do laundry on Tuesdays or Thursdays-only one day a week which makes it a long day-which is good if I am home all that day. Anyway--Have a great day today!!

Amberly said...

I have my kids help as much as possible. Sometimes I pay them a dollar to help me. I try to have them pick up all their messes before bedtime. I like to wake up to a clean house, but it doesn't happen very often. On really busy days I don't get any cleaning done, and the world keeps turning even though my house is a mess!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great questions!

I try and clean and run errand in the morning so in the afternoon I can relax.

I try and do laundry every day so that it doesn't pile up. I think it is easier and faster that way.

Some days I am really lazy other days I can't sit for a second.

I wish I was more consistent!

stoner said...

I try to be organized with my time...but,honestly, spend more time wasting time than anything else! It is something that I conciously have to work at every day.

Amanda Gibson said...

Me? I have no time management skills. Mostly because I'm a procrastinator and a freak-outer. I procrastinate about stuff until, like, 5 minutes before it has to be done and then I freak out trying to get it done in time.