Thursday, April 9, 2009

An apology and a funny

So my sister called a few minutes ago to discuss fish (my dad's fish to be parents are on their way home and need ded someone to take care of the fish and the dog...I got both, but Tammy has been helping in the mornings which is nice!) while we were talking I looked out my back window.
As many of you know, I LOVE rainy days, a fact which irritates my poor, outside in the weather (complaining about it constantly) man...I saw the most beautiful thing...raindrops on the willow. It just is sooo springy and happy that I had to take a picture. I apologize to anyone who saw me outside in my pink, fluffy bathrobe with my hair pokng up. I know it's not pretty. I truly hope I didn't scare anyone or ruin your day ;)
As for the funny, we are being lazy today and lying in my bed, as Q is being entertained, I am able to blog and check mail, he is all snuggled in under the blankets, lying on his tummy and his arms and says to me 'hey, mom...will you scratch my butt?'
I am telling you, I about peed my pants. I was laughing so hard and noticed the seriousness of his face and which he started laughing...this kid, I'm telling you. He is so worth it!

I will be sharing pictures later and hopefully making cookies and a fun egg idea with the boys this afternoon. ..I may even get some of my room downstairs cleaned. Although it will be a crazy day since we have an orthodontist appointment and scouts...
Oh and because I am still fighting with my email, which is a whole nother story that effects my ebay account, my facebook account and my general opinion of people in general, I changed my email can now reach me at


Amberly said...

I wasn't home this morning so I did not see you in all your bathrobe glory! Dang it!

Anonymous said...

Tina, I wish I could of seen you, I'm sure it would have made my day. I love the rain too as long as it's not cold.

Anonymous said...

I bet you looked so cute outside in your fluffy bathrobe.

I updated my email contacts!

Funny Q!

stoner said...

You must be feeling better....if you are taking pics in the rain. I am glad.

I, too, am guilty of wearing my bathrobe outside on a regular basis. I think some of my neighbors think it is the only thing I own! :D

Tina said...

It has nothing to do with feeling better, it is all about my obsessive photography.
And really, not so cute in the bathrobe with spiky hair :)