Monday, September 14, 2009

Caution: photo heavy

The top one is one of my all time favorites. Love it!

These kids are so cute! We had a blast doing these and I could honestly take a million of her!

I love little babies...the fact that this is a boy baby makes me baby hungry...mmmmm :)

This was another BIG family :) All of the siblings and their kids got together and it was a so fun!

I have been doing a few sittings here and there.
I absolutely LOVE it.
Like, this could totally be a dream job for me.
I am struggling with little things like fees and turn around times.
It honestly can take me hours to edit a sitting and make it the best it can be.
My time is worth something, I'm am just trying to figure out what it's worth compared to what people can afford. I know, I know there are a whole lot of variables with that sentence...
So here are a few of my recent favorites :)


Anonymous said...


Hilary said...

what great pictures! You've got such a creative eye!

Amberly said...

Those pictures are fantastic. That first picture is amazing!!

Bernadine Nel Cook said...

I love your photos. The little girl is adorable.