Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heidi Swapp

I am soooo excited!
If you scrapbook, you may have heard the name Heidi Swapp before.
She has designed products for Making Memories, has had her own line of product and is now working with two other talented ladies doing digital kits and hybrid products. She travels all over the world teaching classes and she is coming to Rigby.
RIGBY!! Home of the TV...where my grandpa, brother and uncle live...where my dad grew up and milked cows...
Anyway, my friend Alicia owns a store up there and is taking signups for this awesome event. You can find more information at this link Heidi in Rigby and sign up there. She does offer a payment plan, just call her. It does cost a bit more than most are used to paying for a class, however I am pretty sure you get everything you will need to complete the projects except for simple things like, adhesive...
I am so excited! Not only is it Conference weekend, it's Heidi weekend!
Did I mention I'm excited?
Personally, I can't wait for the energy journal, cause I need energy!

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Anonymous said...

me too! I need the energy! oh and the cute album that goes along with it :)

this is going to be an amazing weekend!