Friday, September 25, 2009


So I always have little thoughts flitting through my brain.
Sometimes they are worthwhile.
Sometimes I don't know what I am thinking.
Sometimes they are creative ideas...
Sometimes, not so much.
Random item #1
My kids are the best ever. Even when they are driving me insane and miss the bus. My kids are probably betterthen yours, but I won't tell you that to your face, much the same way you won't tell me your kids are better than mine to my face.
Random item #2
What is up with men? Mine recently decided to get rid of stuff. Stuff has been an issue with us since we got married as I had more stuff than he did at that time...please remember I also had another PERSON that had stuff at the time we married...therefore, OF COURSE I had more stuff. Babies do have a lot of stuff by nature and they have no idea what all they have and they are ever so bad about sorting and getting rid of stuff. Much like me. It's genetic. I get the 'don't get rid of stuff' gene from my dad. He probably got it from his mom. I have heard that gene is passed down to the opposite sex every generation. Which is good, cause I have boys so the gene can go on...but I think Carson has it, which is not good. And for the record, it's not that I have a problem getting rid of stuff per se, so much as I don't have the ability based on a family who would literally tear my house apart thereby creating more work if I were to ignore them for an afternoon or day just to get rid of stuff. Trust me. And also, I would love to gut my WHOLE house and get rid of everything and start over...alas, that has financial implications.
Random item #3
Let's discuss the swine flu. Yes, it is a problem. Much like the common cold. However, I feel as a whole we are so over immunized that we have no immune system built up. I do get my kids their shots becuase there are some really bad things out there, but am still out on the whole flu shot thing. The two times I had it I got deathly ill and was literally in bed for two weeks each time. Not cool. Especially not cool now cause I have kids. If I had a baby or were still in the healthcare field I may be more inclined to get the shots, however, I don't think we will. Perhaps we will regret it, perhaps not. Perhaps this is a great reason to stay home from church this winter...Okay, Okay, I know, but it's HARD to get up early on my sleep in day...
Random item #4
Quin told me today that he is going to be bigger than a small giant man. He will need a new bed when this happens, he said. HE is planning on being bigger than the small giant named Cody. Yes, he said that. It caracks me up. Cody is our nephew who is around 6'5" and 230...Cody just graduated and is planning a mission next June so the summer he gets back he will still be able to play baseball for the summer.
Random item #5
I am moderately neurotic. I wish it would translate into my housework and at the same time I know if I ever started on that aspect I would become a freak and not ever teach my kids and they could never be the sweaty, stinky, smelly boys I love. I am also highly paranoid...and truly hope I hide it by seeming like a laid back person even though I am pretty sure the las tperson they think of when 'laid back' comes up is me.

I had a lot more random things but I am being told by my four year old that it is time to play the hard level of sorry...


Amanda Gibson said...

I'm with ya on the flu shot thing. We don't get 'em at my house.

Anonymous said...

I love reading random it!

I have the 'get rid of everything in sight' gene. I can't help myself. I hate holding onto stuff it puts me in a bad mood when I have to hold on to something.

Flu shot...I've never had one, but I think this is the year we will all get one. I have no clue if it is better to have the shot or not have the shot. I just know, that I don't want get the flu and swine flu at the same time.

Q is so funny! I'm glad you think your kids are the best ever. I think every mom should feel that way.

JulieJ said...

Stuff....always a problem. Have you seen Hoarders? It makes me want to dejunk like we were moving but we're not. But then again, I have to love on my kids, craft, occasionally clean. Who has time to clean out stuff. Tristan is a keeper. I'm not.

Bernadine Nel Cook said...

You are such a great woman and mother. I loved reading this blog.